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I-Dee-Hoe is My State’s (Washington) next door neighbor.
And I live in Spokane.

I posted a series a couple of years ago entitled ‘Citadel’ that was on this very movement. (Search Idaho)

You can take your Republicans, Conservatives, racists, bigots, teabaggers and none of them come close to the extremism that these people exhibit.

See :

‘In Idaho’s northernmost legislative district, Republican Party politics has been pulled farther to the right in recent years with the rise of the tea party’.

‘But now a new element is pushing the party farther still: the arrival of conservative Christian “preppers” fleeing more populated states, who see the region as a “redoubt” – a place to settle and defend themselves when the whole country goes bad’.

‘The “American Redoubt” push, which targets Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and eastern Washington and Oregon for a “political migration” movement, was declared by survivalist author and blogger James Wesley Rawles in 2011. On his “survivalblog” website he writes, “I’m inviting people with the same outlook to move to the Redoubt States, to effect a demographic solidification. We’re already a majority here. I’d just like to see an even stronger majority.”

‘And this is being driven by True Patriots who absolutely despise the vast majority of America and just want a safe space, so to speak, where they can live their lives, homeschool their kids, shoot their guns, and prepare for the Apocalypse’:

‘Don Bradway, who lives just north of Coeur d’Alene, arrived almost five years ago “from what I call the occupied zone, which is California.” He said he came seeking a safe place and “like-minded people.”

“I make no bones about the fact I’m a conservative Christian and I like being around other people who think the way I do,” he said’.

“I know people who’ve said, ‘I’m looking for something that’s defensible, if the teeming hordes come surging out of Spokane,’” Bradway said’.

‘Beware the teeming hordes from — gasp! — Spokane’!

From :

teabagger Alert!! – ‘FBI finds trench of human feces at cultural site on Oregon refuge’



It’s time to use force to stop these so called
‘patroit’ occupiations and standoffs.

‘The cost of the standoff will likely run into
the millions of dollars, with local and state
agencies looking to the federal government – and
the arrested occupiers – to shoulder the bulk of
the bills’.

The short is, the teabaggers, used a bulldozer
to dig a trench where “significant amounts of
human feces” in a trench at an outdoor camping
area that was either on or next to a “sensitive
cultural site” of the Burns Paiute Tribe.

‘The FBI said it has found a trench of human
feces and a road excavated on or next to a
sensitive cultural site with artifacts at the
Oregon wildlife refuge where armed men staged a
standoff with authorities, according to court
records filed on Tuesday’.

‘The filing came after the FBI on Friday said it
was working with the Burns Paiute Tribe to
identify damage to the tribe’s artifacts and
sacred burial grounds at the Malheur National
Wildlife Refuge during the six-week occupation’.

‘U.S. Attorney Billy Williams of Oregon wrote in
the filing that investigators found “significant
amounts of human feces” in a trench at an
outdoor camping area that was either on or next
to a “sensitive cultural site.”

“Occupiers appear to have excavated two large
trenches and an improvised road on or adjacent
to grounds containing sensitive artifacts,” he

‘Williams also said in the filing – which was a
response to occupiers’ requests to have their
attorneys allowed onto the site – that firearms
and explosives were found, and it was feared
vehicles and buildings could be booby trapped.’

The Day in a Picture


Mean While Back At The Ranch….. – ‘The Ballad of the Malheur Patriots (Song of the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff)’



“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State……”



Militia teabaggers in Oregon…..If you can get past the creepy, it’s hilarious…….


The Day in Stupid America


Here’s Da Judge……

On the far right

On the far right

Mean While Back At The Ranch – ‘Oregon Militiamen Appear To Be Preparing To Put Local Officials On ‘Trial’

Oregon Standoff – Quick update

It’s a thriling update of watching people walking.
The horse with the flag is kinda neat.

For what you ask??????

‘As the Oregonian reported, however, Doucette’s plan was to appoint a “grand jury” of 25 local residents who would “convene in private and make its decisions in private.”

‘After 11 days of occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon…..’

‘According to the Oregonian, self-proclaimed U.S. Superior Court Judge Bruce Doucette (not a real judge) arrived in Harney County Tuesday and is readying militiamen for a big old trial’.

‘Doucette, who is reportedly associated with the sovereign citizen movement, met with individuals at the wildlife refuge Tuesday and said he believed there was substantial evidence against local officials to take action’.

From :

Mean While Back At The teabagger Ranch – ‘Heavily armed ‘security detail’ shows up at Oregon standoff encampment’



Understand…..this was an unoccupied building.

And it’s just so nice that these teabaggers take over publicly owned property…..without asking anyone.

Patriots? Or just thieves? Or idiots?


‘It’s all part of an increasingly bizarre scene at the bird sanctuary 30 miles south of the county’s largest town, where a standoff that has often resembled a friendly bonfire party is beginning to look more like an armed occupation’.

‘Bundy, an Arizona businessman and son of controversial Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, led a group of militant protesters last Saturday in a sudden takeover of the refuge’.

BURNS — ‘A week into their standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Ammon Bundy and his band of militants have given the place a new name and acquired a rifle-wielding “security detail.”

‘Members of the Pacific Patriots Network, a consortium of several groups from Oregon, Washington and Idaho, arrived mid-morning, carrying rifles and sidearms and clad in military attire and bulletproof vests’.

‘Their leader, Brandon Curtiss, said the group came to “de-escalate” the situation by providing security for those inside and outside the compound’.


‘About a half-dozen rifles were visible among the two dozen new arrivals. They aren’t staying in the compound, Curtiss said, but are patrolling the perimeter of the reserve’.

‘Meanwhile, members of the Pacific Patriots Network guarded the refuge entrance with guns in their hands and masks concealing their faces’.

“No comment,” one of them responded when asked what kind of gun he was carrying’.

From :

The Day in a Quote


Republicans Bring Back Slavery – ‘Iowa Yakker: Make Undocumented Immigrants ‘Property Of The State’

Influential Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson

This is what I love about Republicans/Conservatives/teabaggers.

A thought comes into their head and with no ‘critical thinking’, the thought becomes a plan.

Putting aside – just for one minute – the legal argument and the moral arguement….both supposedly strong Repub/Con/teabag values – do you have any idea how much it would cost to make people the “property of the state”?

Housing, education, food, medical care and all while paying them.

Come to think of it….that’s the very definition of socialism……..


‘I hate the primary system that makes Iowa so damned influential, because it gives right-wing idiots like this such outsize power in the political process’:

‘Influential Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson — whose show is a frequent destination for Republican presidential candidates — is standing by his plan to make undocumented immigrants “property of the state” if they refuse to leave the country after an allotted period of time’.

‘In comments to Media Matters, Mickelson described his plan as “constitutionally defensible, legally defensible, morally defensible, biblically defensible and historically defensible.”

‘On his August 17 radio show, Mickelson laid out his proposal for forcing undocumented immigrants out of Iowa. According to Mickelson, he would :

“put up some signs” alerting undocumented immigrants that they would be forced into “compelled labor” if they did not leave before a stated deadline’.

‘He continued’ :

“The people who are here illegally would therefore be owned by the state and become an asset of the state rather than a liability and we start inventing jobs for them to do.”

After a caller raised a concern that “everybody would believe it sounds like slavery,” Mickelson replied’,

“well, what’s wrong with slavery?”

From :

Blog Running – ‘And The Truth Shall Set You Free’



“If you look at the whole Republican Party, from libertarians to evangelicals to the Tea Party,” says [former RNC Chairman Michael] Steele, “you have a group of people who’ve been lied to for 35 years. Republican [presidential candidates] have said, ‘Elect us and we’ll do these things.’ Well, they haven’t. And that frustration is manifesting itself in Trump.”

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