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The ‘New’ Republican Party – teabagger Crazy! – ‘Mr. Obama release your records’

The ‘New’ Republican Party is the ‘tail’ that is wagging the ‘dog’.

It is amazing to watch as normal, actual ‘Conservatives’ have become so afraid of this extreme minority group within what was once a decent political party.

When Republicans were looking to ‘expand their umbrella’, I doubt most thought this would be the result.

‘Posted by Judson Phillips on July 19, 2012 at 7:15am in Tea Party Nation Forum’

‘The Obama campaign and the Party of Treason continue to demand Mitt Romney release his tax records so they can pull them apart and continue to distort facts and lie about Romney’.

‘Obama has released almost none of his records. There is one record that everyone should be demanding that Obama release. What is it and why is it so important’?

‘There are a lot of records that Americans should want to see from Barack Obama. To start with, there are his records from Occidental College so that the allegation that Obama attended that school on a scholarship reserved for foreign students can be resolved. Another record that Americans should be demanding Obama release are his records from Columbia and Harvard’.

‘How does someone who is a self-admitted poor student, get into two of the most prestigious schools in America? Obama was admitted to Harvard law. Generally you need to have almost a perfect 4.0 to even have a shot at Harvard. Anyone want to bet Obama’s GPA was nowhere near that’?

‘So how did he get in’?

‘The important records that everyone should demand Obama release are his medical records. George Bush, John McCain, even John Kerry and Bill Clinton released voluminous medical records’.

‘What did Obama release in 2008? It was a one page statement from a doctor saying he was in good physical condition’.

‘That was it’.

‘Why is this so important’?

‘Obama by his own admission was a very heavy marijuana user in his youth. He has also admitted to using cocaine, though he denies using drugs such as heroin. He also says he was a significant drinker’.

‘Why is this important’?

‘Because these are all symptoms of addiction’.

‘A man named Larry Sinclair claims that in 1999 he and Barack Obama had sex and then smoked crack cocaine. This is 1999, nine years before Obama would run for President’.

‘Crack cocaine is very addictive. It is very destructive. Addiction specialist will tell you that a crack addiction is very tough to break’.

‘Is Obama an addict? Was he an addict in the past’?

‘These are all legitimate questions to ask about a man who has his hands on the nuclear trigger’.

‘Why is Obama hiding these records and why isn’t the drive by media asking these questions. Why aren’t Republicans demanding the answers to these questions, instead of telling Mitt Romney he needs to play into Obama’s hands by releasing more tax returns’?

‘While Obama promised his administration would be the most transparent in history; that was simply another Obama lie’.

‘Every time Obama demands that Mitt Romney release more tax returns, the Romney campaign needs to turn around and ask when Obama is going to release his medical records, his college records and his attorney discipline records’.

‘The Romney campaign may have finally learned that they are not going to get anywhere by playing nice. They have an opponent that wants to go down into the gutter for a fight and believes in winning at all costs’.

‘Romney may have finally learned not to play their game’.

‘Let’s hope so’.

‘Meanwhile, every Republican should quit telling Mitt Romney to release more records, giving Obama more ammunition to lie about him and start demanding that Obama release his records’.
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Money in Politics – ‘Cain’s post-candidacy PAC spending raises questions’

‘The former pizza executive and talk-show host, who briefly led the GOP presidential polls late last year, has created a complicated network of political, nonprofit and for-profit entities that sometimes share funds, campaign finance disclosures filed this week showed’.

‘Cain Connections, the super PAC run by Mr. Cain’s chief of staff, Mark Block, raised $265,000 in the April-to-June quarter, and spent nearly all of it’.

‘But hardly any of the PAC’s money appears to have gone toward traditional political advertising or to the causes and candidates Cain Connections cites in its appeals to potential donors’.

‘The PAC has raised money by sending multiple solicitations weekly to supporters, making pleas such as “We’ve got Gov. Scott Walker’s back, and we have committed to help fund critical ads in the coming weeks before the election. We need you” to donate to the Cain committee. The message was referring to Wisconsin’s Republican governor who survived a fierce recall election battle in early June’.

‘But disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission last weekend show no payments to advertising firms or advocacy groups running ads for Mr. Walker or any other candidate or cause’.

‘Mr. Block said the primary way Cain Connections supports the candidates mentioned is “by endorsing them. Especially if they are endorsing 9-9-9” — Mr. Cain’s proposed solution to the federal deficit crisis’.

“We put out a press release,” Mr. Block said’.

‘He said that in the case of Mr. Walker, the super PAC did give money to a Wisconsin group organized as a nonprofit to run ads there, but he could not recall the name of it. He said his group neglected to disclose the transaction because it hadn’t received an invoice’.

‘Campaign finance rules require such expenditures to be reported during the period that the ad ran, specialists said’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Corporation That Paid Nothing In Taxes For Four Years Tells Congress It Pays Too Much In Taxes’

Yes! We MUST lower those taxes on the ‘job creators’.

‘Over a four years period from 2008 to 2011, Corning Inc. was one of 26 companies that managed to avoid paying any American income taxes, even though it earned nearly $3 billion during that time’.

‘In fact, according to Citizens For Tax Justice, the company received a $4 million refund from 2008 to 2010’.

‘That didn’t stop Susan Ford, a senior executive at the company, from telling the House Ways and Means Committee this week that America’s high corporate tax rate was putting her company at a disadvantage’:

“American manufacturers are at a distinct disadvantage to competitors headquartered in other countries. Specifically, foreign manufacturers uniformly face a lower corporate tax rate than U.S. manufacturers, and virtually all operate under territorial systems which encourage investment both abroad and at home’.

‘Ford told the committee that Corning paid an effective tax rate of 36 percent in 2011, but as CTJ notes, she is counting taxes on profits earned overseas that haven’t yet been paid and won’t be unless the company decides to bring the money back to the United States’.

‘Corning’s actual tax rate in 2011, according to CTJ’s analysis, was actually negative 0.2 percent’.

‘The territorial system Ford testified in favor of would actually encourage the offshoring of profits earned by American companies, thereby reducing the amount they pay in taxes even more’.

‘And rather than helping remove a disadvantage that prevents companies from creating jobs, an economic analysis of such a tax system found that it could actually cost the United States as many as 800,000 jobs’.

‘The United States does, indeed, have one of the highest marginal corporate tax rates in the world. In reality, however, few corporations pay it, and the nation’s effective tax rate is far lower than the rate in other developed countries’.
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Congress At ‘Work’

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Blog Running – ‘Could a Brave Citizen With a Concealed Weapon Have Prevented the Aurora Shootings’?

I am a firm and active supporter of the 2nd Amendment. One of my favorite movie lines is from MIB:
Bug: ‘Place your projectile weapon on the ground’.
Edgar: ‘You can have my gun, when you pry it from my cold dead fingers’.
Bug: ‘Your proposal is acceptable’.
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Now having said THAT – I’m also not an idiot.

We don’t live in the ‘wild, wild west’. I know some want to and ‘by God if they won’t protect us, we’ll do it ourselves’.

There will always be exceptions but we ARE or at least are trying to be a civilized society.

The Second Amendment much like the First, does ‘give’ us ‘rights’. But unwritten, to me, is also the even heavier burden of Responsibility.

And Responsibility you CAN NOT TRAIN.

Giving, arming any and all who want to ‘carry’, could just have easily resulted in 20, 30, 40 or who knows how many deaths in this instance.

There will ALWAYS be exceptions because we don’t and never will live in a ‘perfect’ World :

‘A lot of people – about 15,000 at present – get murdered in the United States every year’
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‘Exceptions’ like James Holmes – ‘He wore a bulletproof vest, helmet, and gask mask, and entered a movie theater that was playing The Dark Knight Rises—so the room was dark and loud. He tossed a “gas canister” that went off and would have obscured the vision of anyone looking back at him’.

‘Pet theory, hard to prove: Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, was actually invented by liberal blogs in order to put ridiculous statements in the mouths of Republicans. Jennifer Bendery listens to Gohmert on the Heritage Foundation’s interview show. I’ll skip past the moralizing (which is really happening in both directions—Gohmert’s and the angry commenters), and focus on Gohmert’s theory that a brave citizen could have stopped James Holmes. (Gohmert is talking to former congressman Ernie Istook.)’

GOHMERT: ‘Before we ever had concealed carry in Texas, there was just a senseless shooting, years ago, in Kileen, Texas, in a restaurant. If we’d had concealed-carry permits at the time—there was a woman who had to leave her gun in her car. If we’d had concealed carry, the guy would have been stopped before he killed so many people. And I don’t know what the laws all are in Colorado, but we’ve found over and over again, when people are authorized to carry …’

ISTOOK: ‘Colorado does have concealed-carry permits’

GOHMERT: ‘OK. It does make me wonder, with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying a gun that could have stopped this guy more quickly? I mean, in Tyler, Texas, my home town, we had a shooter come in over a domestic matter and just start shooting people. And it was a guy with a concealed carry—he got killed, but his shooting at this guy caused him to run and no doubt saved a lot of lives. He was hero’.
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