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And the lesson? – We need to think for ourselves not believe what we are told.

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Politics often makes for entertaining TV, as demonstrated by new hit political shows such as Veep on HBO, Political Animals on USA, and Romney campaign on every other channel.  And if we ever think that there are not enough political shows already, here are 10 potential new political TV shows that could be made.

1)  America’s Biggest Liar:  Mitt Romney makes outrageous claims about his business record, American economy and his tax returns, some of which may even be true.  The show will feature celebrity judges, including Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton.

2)  House M.D.: An antisocial maverick doctor is trying to treat mental problems affecting the antisocial maverick members of the House of Representatives.  435 episodes planned, with 335 of those episodes devoted solely to Michele Bachmann.

3)  So You Think You Can Vote:  A group of ingenious state lawmakers in Alabama is trying…

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Fantastic interview. Huge kudos for finding it and posting it.


If you want to get to know more about the world views of Chris Hedges, take a little time and watch this interview of Hedges by Bill Moyers.   It is well worth the time it takes to watch.

A quote from the interview by Hedges…

It’s the willingness on the part of people who seek personal enrichment to destroy other human beings… And because the mechanisms of governance can no longer control them, there is nothing now within the formal mechanisms of power to stop them from creating essentially a corporate oligarchic state.



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A sad but true comment on the American attention span.

Whatever Works

Along with John Stewart, the venerable parody publication The Onion knows how to get right into the rotten, bankrupt heart of some stories – as they’ve done in this case, pointing to the real horror of yet another gun massacre.

WASHINGTON—Americans across the nation confirmed today that, unfortunately, due to their extreme familiarity with the type of tragedy that occurred in a Colorado movie theater last night, they sadly know exactly how the events following the horrific shooting of 12 people will unfold.

While admitting they “absolutely hate” the fact they have this knowledge, the nation’s 300 million citizens told reporters they can pinpoint down to the hour when the first candlelight vigil will be held, roughly how many people will attend, how many times the county sheriff will address the media in the coming weeks, and when the town-wide memorial service will be held.

Additionally, sources nationwide took no pleasure…

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