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‘Romney Shambles’

The Weekly 2012 – Is Mitt Romney competent enough to be a Presidential Nominee?

Yeah, yeah it’s been awhile. It’s that time in the political ‘season’ where things slow down.

So a thought experiment.

Is Mitt Romney competent?

There is a slowly growing concern. And not just by myself.

Conservatives were worried that Mitt wasn’t conservative enough to be a Republican nominee.
See : ‘Rush Limbaugh: Romney Is Not A Conservative’
@ :
And …………
‘Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins’
@ :

Now those are old concerns as Mitt ROmney was the last candidate standing after the Republicans flirted with the likes of Palin, Trump, Bachmann, Newt, Perry and Cain.

Against THAT field – Mitt won but there wasn’t a real, actual, intelligent, reasonable candidate running against him.

But the concern is coming back.

See : ‘Can Romney Win the Presidency with a Favorable Rating in the 30s’
@ :

And these aren’t just pollsters and pundits.

People just don’t like him.

See : ‘Ann Romney’s ‘You People’ Remark Makes Americans Angry as Hell’
@ :

And sorry Ann Romney, but ‘We The People’ DO deserve more information. To think, much less say we don’t is Supreme Arrogance .

And now with the taxes, the out right lies he makes, the incomplete budgets, incomplete foreign policy, the gaffes, the changing the subject rather then answer the questions………….

Is Mitt Romney competent?

Now it is too late to find anouther candidate.

But do Republicans really hate President Obama more then they love America that they would ‘settle’ and that is the only word for it, on Mitt Romney?


Mitt Romney Lies #49 – ‘Romney’s taxes: Why do they matter’?

What is Mitt Romney hiding?

He’s only released 1 year – NOT 2 as he said (lied) and even THAT 1 year, is NOT a complete return : ‘Missing from Romney’s 2010 Tax Return’ @ :

If he is so ‘proud of his time at Bain’, then why is he so secretative about the income from them?

Much like his gaffe’s in England, it’s time to ask is Mitt Romney ready to be President?

Lies. Hiding disclosure. Diplomatic fiascos.

An op-ed from the New Hampshire UnionLeader :

‘Mitt Romney is a rich man. Like everyone, rich or poor, he has done everything legally available to him to minimize the tax bite. There are very few people standing in line waiting for the opportunity to overpay their taxes’.

‘It is very clear, from the current debate over revealing more of his tax documents, that Romney knows the steps he has taken to minimize his tax bite, while legal, will subject him to still more fire from President Obama and his supporters’.

‘Well, yes — and no. Maintaining the secrecy creates the impression, justly or not, that there is something there to hide. No escaping that reality. The impression is there’.

‘But there is no place for secrecy or, indeed, privacy in a Presidential campaign. If you want the job, you have to subject yourself to the scrutiny’.

‘You have to be prepared to stand and explain, indeed, justify, your actions. If they are legal, then so be it’.

‘Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this entire controversy is the one NOT being discussed much: How did Romney get himself into this position in the first place? He has been running for office for a long time. His presidential aspirations predate the tax returns in question’.

‘What could he possibly have been thinking when he failed to ensure that everything contained in those documents was above reproach? Or was he simply not thinking at all? Surely he could not have arrogantly believed that he could withstand any storm that developed by bluffing his way through it? If so, it hasn’t worked’.
‘This campaign is not about his wealth. And it is not about the amount he has paid, or not paid, in taxes. It is about vastly different views of America — and America’s future’.

‘Unfortunately, as long as some voters believe there is something the presumptive Republican nominee is attempting to hide, the true debate takes a back seat. It’s time to get the inevitable over with. Release the tax returns, explain them, take the heat, and move on’.
From :



‘Romney: Foreign trip not the time to detail my foreign policies’

This is becoming the Romney Presidency – ‘Elect me and THEN I’ll tell you what I’m going to do’.

Dusting off my very best Captain Jack Sparrow – WHAT?
Mitt Romney – “Nor do I want to describe foreign policy positions I might have while I’m on foreign soil. I think discussions of foreign policy should be made by the president and the current administration not by those that are seeking office.”

‘If a foreign trip is not a good time to discuss foreign policy, why take the trip at all? This raises questions as to whether the trip is only about staging political theatrics for a domestic audience’.
From :


‘Mitt Romney Issued Comically Bizarre Cartoon-Mitt-Romney Olympic Pins’

‘As head of the Salt Lake Olympics Mitt Romney became the first Olympic executive to approve a series of commemorative pins in his likeness’.

‘(They’re in the news right now because they were made in China, but their mere existence is its own indictment of Romney’s judgment.)’
From :


‘Romney in Shambles as Britain Proclaims Him Worse than Sarah Palin’

While I love being an American (we can and should be doing a WHOLE lot better then we are), I love the British. From their Parliament to their press :

‘The British reaction to Mitt Romney has gone from openness, to skepticism, to mocking, to concluding that Mitt Romney is worse than Sarah Palin’.

‘Daily Mail Political Editor James Chapman has been providing the world a play by play of Romney’s British implosion via his Twitter account’.

‘Romney started things off by criticizing London’s preparedness for the Olympics’.

‘He then forgot the name of British Labour Leader Ed Miliband’.

‘And then he admitted that he had been given a secret briefing by MI6’.

‘This led the British to ask aloud if they have another George W. Bush on their hands, “Romney blunders again by revealing he’s had (supposedly) top secret briefing by John Sawers, MI6 boss. Do we have a new Dubya on our hands?”

‘The Telegraph is reporting that London Mayor Boris Johnson mocked Romney’s readiness comment, “Quite a moment from the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Shortly after Rix had lit the flame he really went for it in Hyde Park. He referenced Mitt Romney’s ‘London isn’t ready’ quip and shot back in style. “Are we ready?” he called and the crowd went wild’.

‘The British opinion of Romney has gone from he might be another Bush to oh my God, he makes Sarah Palin seem prepared’.

‘Not since World War II has London seen a bombing as thorough as Mitt Romney’s’.
From :


A word from your sponsor

I’m having a hard time writing posts today because I keep falling off my chair laughing my as* off over Mitt Romney’s MANY comments yesterday.

If Mitt will stop talking, maybe I can start writing. (GRINS!)


A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘GOP Says Coverage For The Uninsured Is No Longer The Priority’

This is EXACTLY the type of issue that made me a Hard Core Liberal.

Health care is about people.

It’s NOT about politics.

This is the difference between a Republican and Democrat in heath care.
If you break your arm – a Republican wants you to go the the insurance company to see if it’s covered and how much they will cover.
A Democrat wants you to go to the hospital to get treated.

Republican – money before care.

Democrat – care before money.

Now for all you teabaggers and so called Conservatives – it does have to be paid for. But for the sake of THIS argument – it’s YOUR arm that’s broken.

Who’s plan do you want?

If you want to cut the cost – individual and Government – by HALF, and in two years, put in place a single payer system like Medicare and shift the priority to PREVENTIVE measures.

But for someone in a position of authorty, Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to say ‘”Let me tell you what we’re not going to do. We’re not going to turn the American health care system into a Western European system’, all that tell me is he, Mitch McConnell has HIS health care and too bad if anyone else doesn’t.

Wallace: “What specifically are you gonna do to provide universal coverage to the 30 million people who are uninsured?”

Mcconnell: “That is not the issue…the question is how can you go step by step to improve the American health care system; it is already the finest health care system in the world.”

If the American Health Care System is the ‘finest’ in the World, why are 50 Million (not 30) Americans UNINSURED Senator McConnell?

How many Europeans in the European style health care system are uninsured?

“Conservatives cannot allow themselves to be browbeaten by failing to provide the same coverage numbers as Obamacare,” Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, told a conference at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “To be clear, it is a disgrace that so many American families go without health insurance coverage. But we cannot succumb to the pressure to argue on the left’s terms.”
From :


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