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Mitt Romney Lies #44 – ‘Romney Hits Obama on Business Remark’ “You didn’t build that”

Just another item that goes to Mitt Romney’s character.

Misinformation. Disinformation. Lies. Hiding from questions.

‘The Romney campaign is out with a tough new video using President Obama’s recent quote about business: “If you’ve got a business-you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen…”

Greg Sargent: “This line is going to be a major target for the Romney campaign — similar to Obama’s 2008 remark about spreading the wealth — but in order to have maximum political value, it needs to be removed from context in a highly misleading way, which the Romney camp is happy to do.”
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‘Interestingly, if unsurprisingly, the Web video edits the context out of Obama’s remarks’.

‘The president appears to have said: “Let me tell you something. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

‘But as Greg Sargent of The Washington Post notes, there were four other sentences that came between, in which Obama argues that no human being exists in a vacuum (he/she has been helped by teachers, parents, etc.), and that no business exists in a vacuum (it depends on an functioning system of laws, infrastructure, etc.).

‘Spliced quotes aren’t remarkable in 2012, and anyway this one isn’t particularly egregious. What is remarkable is that, just yesterday, Romney made the same argument President Obama made in the four lines the Romney campaign decided to omit’.
See : ‘Mitt Romney defends use of Obama quote in campaign ad’
‘At issue is this soundbite that the Romney campaign used from Obama: “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.”
‘In fact, Obama that day was quoting an unnamed campaign advisor for Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee’.
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‘The Romney campaign would not comment on the record about its decision to edit President Obama’s remarks’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Mitt Romney Adviser: ‘Real Americans’ Don’t Care About Candidate’s Afghanistan Policy’

The haunting refrain from Ann Romney, summing up a Mitt Romney Presidency – “We’ve given all you people what you need to know.”

From the company he started – Bain Capital – to his taxes – ‘Privileged Entitlement’.

I am successful and wealthy and you will accept what I tell you as all you need to know.

‘A senior adviser to Mitt Romney declined to provide more specific details on the presumptive GOP nominee’s plan for Afghanistan on Thursday, saying it was a distraction from what “real Americans want to talk about.”

‘The Romney campaign has said the former Massachusetts governor “supports the 2014 timetable as a realistic timetable and a residual force post-2014” in Afghanistan, but he would not have announced the withdrawal timeline publicly, as President Barack Obama did. But as Josh Rogin at The Cable notes, “details remain sketchy” on what Romney would do beyond the timeline’.

‘Top senators are equally flummoxed. None of them who talked to Rogin were able to explain what Romney’s policy was’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘GOP senators block top Obama jobs initiative’

Grover Norquist – “We will make it so that a Democrat cannot govern as a Democrat.”
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Senator Mitch McConnell – “Our #1 priority is to make President Obama a one term president”
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Speaker Boehner – “The American people are asking, ‘Where are the jobs?’”.
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The American media is still cowardly using words like ‘block’ instead of the more accurate filibuster.

And a Republican filibuster it was.

‘Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked the No.1 item on the president’s congressional “to-do-list,” refusing to allow a vote on a bill that would give tax breaks for companies that “insource” jobs to the U.S. from overseas while eliminating tax deductions for companies that move jobs abroad’.

‘The Bring Jobs Home Act would provide a 20% tax break for the costs of moving jobs back to the United States and would rescind business expense deductions available to companies that are associated with the cost of moving operations overseas’.

‘Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, had warned Democrats before the vote that his party would want to amend the bill — possibly with hot-button issues like repealing the health care reform law or extending the Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels’.

‘Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, responded that those amendments were not germane to the bill and he would not allow votes on them’.

‘The bill fell four votes short of the 60 needed to bring it to debate, with 42 voting against it’.
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But it’s NOT a ‘War On Women’ – The `war on contraception’ is back!

With a little Republican Obstructionism thrown in and a seek peek at the Republicans going back on their words and their votes by wanting INCREASED spending cuts in domestic programs while INCREASEING Defense spending.

‘By Greg Sargent’

‘Talking Points Memo reports that House Republicans are renewing their push to undo Obama’s contraception mandate’:

‘This spring’s political contretemps over access to contraception are returning to Capitol Hill — and this time Republicans are trying to tie the issue to must-pass legislation, foreshadowing a possible government shutdown standoff unless conservatives back down and temporarily agree to set aside earlier grievances’.

‘House Republicans renewed their effort Wednesday by advancing a measure through the Labor-HHS appropriations subcommittee with a rider to roll back President Obama’s contraception mandate. Authorized by the Affordable Care Act, the rule requires employer-provided health insurance plans to cover contraception without co-pays, with carve-outs for churches and religious non-profits. Republicans on the panel defeated a Democratic amendment to strip the provision, suggesting they’re willing to pick the fight’.

‘Are we really going through this again? Apparently so. And Dems are going to try to make an issue of it in a critical Senate race — the battle between GOP Rep. Denny Rehberg and Montana Dem Senator Jon Tester, which by all accounts is a very close contest’.

‘Rep. Rehberg is a leading suppporter of the new measure, arguing that it is about “reining in spending and controlling over-regulation.” But national Dems are going to accuse Rehberg of reigniting the “war on contraception.” The DSCC is emailing reporters this’:

‘Dennis Rehberg has single handedly re-launched the partisan war on women’s healthcare…the legislation that Montana’s millionaire Congressman rolled out earlier this week includes controversial language that would permit any employer to roll back healthcare coverage, including access to contraception, if they have any “moral” objections…’

‘Rehberg’s bill also guts funding for other critical programs that would result in dangerous consequences, particularly for Montana women. His bill completely eliminates Title X funding which pays for preventative care such as cancer screenings. In 2010 alone, Title X clinics performed 1,810,620 cervical cancer screenings and 2,192,051 breast cancer screenings. That year, 27,268 Montanans received services provided because of Title X funding’.

‘The push will provide a test of whether Dems can use women’s health issues to appeal to female voters in red states. It also coincides with a broader vow by Dems to remain on offense on health care in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling, by trying to force Republicans into a discussion of the specific provisions in Obamacare that their drive to repeal the law would actually take away from people. The battle over the contraceptive mandate is seen by Dem strategists as somewhat more favorable turf for the health care fight’.

‘The last time this fight took place it seemed to result in gains for Obama among female voters, and the GOP backed off. If John Boehner can manage to pull his members together to support a stopgap spending measure, this showdown will be averted. But as Sahil Kapur notes: “if House conservatives reject that and push ahead with riders and spending cuts, it will spark a showdown with the Senate, isolating House Republicans and leaving them to choose between caving or shutting down the government.”
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Mitt Romney on President Obama saying “You didn’t make that”.

While listening to Morning Joe on MSNBC and getting tired of Scarborough whining about President Obama’s ‘socialism’, I sent this E-mail off :

**To put it in terms NBC will understand – America is a ‘team’ sport (Obama) – not an ‘individual’ event (Romney).**

House Speaker John Boehner – “It’s a really simple rule: if you’re wearing a tie, you should be wearing socks.”

‘House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), quoted by National Journal, chiding reporter Luke Russert for not wearing socks’.

Extra points for the Spokane connection! (GRINS!)

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