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Mitt Romney Lies #40 – ‘John Kerry ran for president. You know, his wife, who has hundreds of millions of dollars, she never released her tax returns”.

Dusting off my very best Captain Jack Sparrow – What?

Senator Kerry’s wife – who wasn’t running for President – didn’t release HER tax returns?

Where did ANYBODY ask for Ann Romney to release more tax returns?

Oh. No one has.

“John McCain ran for president and released two years of tax returns,” Romney explained on Fox & Friends. “John Kerry ran for president. You know, his wife, who has hundreds of millions of dollars, she never released her tax returns. Somehow this wasn’t an issue.”
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The only problem? Aside from her NOT being the one running for President?

She did release her tax return…………….

‘Sunday, October 24, 2004’
‘Teresa Heinz Kerry released her 2003 income tax Form 1040 the other day, and the right-wing commentariat claims to find her tax situation deeply ironic. On income of over $5 million, she paid federal income taxes of just $627,150, or 12.4 percent. As a Wall Street Journal editorial last Monday put it, this “means she is paying a lower average rate than nearly all middle-class taxpayers.”
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‘Romney paid an overall tax rate of just 13.9 percent in 2010’.
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Mitt Romney Lies #39 – ‘Romney’s Account of His Departure From Bain Undercut by…Romney Testimony’

‘Romney even signed a federal financial disclosure form, under the penalty of perjury, declaring that he had not been involved “in any way” with Bain after he left for Utah’.

‘Yet during that 2002 hearing—in a remark that has not been previously reported—Romney said that after he departed Bain in February 1999 he went through a transition period regarding his work in Boston’.

‘When a lawyer challenging his eligibility asked Romney, “Did you remain more or less continuously in Salt Lake City from February ’99 to the end of the year,” Romney answered’:

“Actually, there was some transition away from my work in Boston for the first few months and then I pretty much stayed there after”.

‘Trying to clarify this, the lawyer, after referring to this “transition,” asked, “So from February through the end of the year you were pretty much full-time out in Utah, right?”

‘Romney replied: “Well again, the beginning of the year was a good deal of time back and forth, but towards the last half of the year it was pretty much exclusively in Utah.”

‘Romney’s mention of a “transition” period for his “work in Boston” is another contradiction for him to explain. Did he testify inaccurately during that hearing—after swearing to tell the truth? Or is he now trying to create a bright line—to distance himself from Bain-related layoffs and outsourcing—that didn’t exist? Any transition time for Romney at Bain would undermine his central claim about his last days at the firm’.
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‘Even Ann Romney’s horse lives better than most Americans’

If we had more tax returns from Mitt Romney, maybe we’d find even more tax deductions that would be ‘interesting’ like this one.

Un- frickin – believeable…………………..$77,000 deduction………………..

At Business Week via :

‘Before she flew to London in early July with her Olympic teammates, Rafalca, whose chartered jet made use of the full length of the runway to ensure a gentle takeoff, stayed at Hamilton Farm in Gladstone, N.J. Once the 5,000-acre estate of the heir to a turn-of-the-century utility baron, the farm is now home to a private golf club and the U.S. Equestrian Team. Here, Rafalca, a 15-year-old German-born mare, lived under a vaulted, tile ceiling in a terrazzo-floored stable with brass fittings. She is one of the expertly trained and meticulously cared for horses representing the U.S. in dressage at the London 2012 Olympic Games. She is also the property of Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt’.

‘In 2010 the Romneys claimed a $77,000 loss on their share of the partnership that owns Rafalca’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Rush Limbaugh: Obama ‘hates this country’

That Rush Limbaugh IS one of the leading voices in the Republican Party goes without saying.

That no one from the political leadership of the Republican Party steps forward to counter this hate – tells me all I need to know about today’s Conservative movement.

The silence is deafening.

“I think it can now be said, without equivocation — without equivocation — that this man hates this country,” the conservative radio host said. “He is trying, Barack Obama is trying, to dismantle, brick-by-brick, the American dream. There’s no other way to put this. There’s no other way to explain this.”

“He was indoctrinated as a child,” Limbaugh said. “His father was a communist. His mother was a leftist. He was sent to prep and Ivy League schools where his contempt for the country was reinforced. He moved to Chicago. It was the home of the radical-left movement. He hooks up to Ayers and Dohrn and Rashid Khalidi. He learns the ruthlessness of Cook County politics. This is what we have as a president: a radical ideologue, a ruthless politician who despises the country and the way it was founded and the way in which it became great.”
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What is Mitt Romnrey Hiding? #5 – ‘Politifact: Mitt Romney’s companies sent jobs overseas’

The now VERY common response from Republicans on Bain Captial ‘outsourcing’ is that Politifact said it’s not true.


I guess now they’ll just have to go back to switching the conservation to another topic and hope no one notices.

“Mitt Romney’s companies sent jobs overseas.”

‘Is that statement true or false’?

‘It passed mostly unnoticed, but on Friday, a well-respected fact-checking organization — one cited by the Romney campaign itself on occasion — essentially agreed that this is a defensible assertion’.

‘In its Friday piece, Politifact gave a “half true” rating to the following Obama campaign claim: “Mitt Romney’s companies were pioneers in outsourcing U.S. jobs to low-wage countries.”

‘But if you dig deep into the piece, you find that the main reason for the “half” true rating was the Obama camp’s claim that Romney’s companies “pioneered” this practice’.

‘Politifact disagreed with that’.

‘But Politifact agreed that it’s fair game to describe these as “Romney’s companies.”

‘But Politifact notes that the distinction is beside the point’:

‘[t]he exact month that Romney stepped away from Bain makes little difference. When Modus Media closed that plant in California in 2000, it was making the kind of move Romney and Bain expected when they first got behind it’.

‘Matthew Rice, Chief Investment Officer for DiMeo Schneider and Associates, a Chicago-based investment consulting firm, says he doesn’t see how Romney can divorce himself from the strategies that made Bain profitable’.

‘We find reasonable grounds for labeling the companies as “Romney’s.”

‘If picking a company makes it yours, then these were Romney’s companies and in a general sense, they did what he expected them to do’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Tax-Exempt Group’s Election Activity Highlights Limits of Campaign Finance Rules’

Republicans REFUSING to even allow debate on a piece of legislation that would give more DISCLOSURE (What IS Mitt Romney Hiding?) to TAX EXEMPT groups that even though thay say they don’t or won’t, campaign.

Money has completely corrupted our political process and Republicans won’t even allow us to see who is giving all that money.

Citizens United driving our political process.

‘In early 2010, a new organization called the Commission on Hope, Growth and Opportunity filed for nonprofit, tax-exempt status, telling the Internal Revenue Service it was not going to spend any money on campaigns’.

‘Weeks later, tax-exempt status in hand as well as a single $4 million donation from an anonymous benefactor, the group kicked off a multimillion-dollar campaign against 11 Democratic candidates, declining to report any of its political spending to the Federal Election Commission, maintaining to the I.R.S. that it did not do any political spending at all, and failing to register as a political committee required to disclose the names of its donors. Then, faced with multiple election commission and I.R.S. complaints, the group went out of business’.

‘Efforts to require more public accounting of campaign money hit a new roadblock Monday evening in the form of a Republican filibuster that stopped the Senate from formally debating it. The measure fell 9 votes short of the 60 required to clear the procedural hurdle, with no Republicans voting in favor’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Romney Blasts Obama’s ‘Massive Tax Increase’

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – ‘Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney assailed President Barack Obama Tuesday for pushing to roll back Bush-era tax cuts for people who make more than $250,000 a year’.

“This week, the president added insult to injury with another kick in the gut by announcing that he has a plan he says will lower taxes,” Mr. Romney told hundreds gathered in a high-school gymnasium here in western Colorado. “But you’ve got to be careful: When people in Washington say they’re lowering taxes, hold onto your wallet because, in fact, he didn’t lower taxes for anybody.”
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‘Speaker John Boehner today ushered in a new era for the House of Representatives, pledging his Republican Party will lead with humility and be “honest, accountable and responsive” to the American people’.
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‘By two-to-one (44% to 22%), the public says that raising taxes on incomes above $250,00o would help the economy rather than hurt it, while 24% say this would not make a difference. Moreover, an identical percentage (44%) says a tax increase on higher incomes would make the tax system more fair, while just 21% say it would make the system less fair’.
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