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Washington State’s 5th Congressional District – Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers

She’s not quite the slime ball as say Allen West or Joe Walsh, but my district’s Cathy McMorris-Rodgers does have the distinction of being in the Republican leadership.

And I’m going to put this is ‘Races to Watch’ which I’ll be expanding.

‘Vote for me even while I vote to deny you jobs which I’ll take credit for creating when it makes me look good.’

What’s that Cathy? Government creating jobs? GASP!

‘Cantwell, Murray, McMorris Rodgers Announce $10 Million USDOT Grant for North Spokane Corridor’
“This is great news for Eastern Washington and our state,” said Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.“The North Spokane Freeway has been – and continues to be – an effective multimodal transportation system that has the potential to create thousands of jobs and bring hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenue to our community”.
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‘U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., submitted a formal letter endorsing the grant even though she was among Republicans in the House who unanimously voted no on the recovery bill’.

‘In a blog on her Web site, she criticizes President Obama and the stimulus bill for failing to create jobs’.
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‘The website features a release from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) taking credit for $35 million dollars in stimulus highway money. Below is a screen shot’:


‘The $35 million in TIGER highway funds were provided by the stimulus McMorris Rodgers tried to kill. McMorris Rodger’s press release, however, claims she was a “champion” in gaining the funding’.
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Mitt Romney Lies #25 – ‘Romney shifts, says mandate’s a tax’

Misinformation. Disinformation. Lies. Hiding form questions.

Romney in 2012 – “Actually, the chief justice in his opinion made it very clear that at the state level, states have the power to put in place mandates. They don’t need to require them to be called taxes in order for them to be constitutional. And as a result, Massachusetts’ mandate was a mandate, was a penalty, was described that way by the Legislature and by me, and so it stays as it was.”

So Mitt, YOU described it as a ‘mandate’?

Romney in 2008 – GIBSON: ”Governor … you imposed tax penalties in Massachusetts?”

ROMNEY: ”Yes, we said, look, if people can afford to buy it, either buy the insurance or pay your own way; don’t be free-riders.”
See : ‘FLASHBACK: Romney Acknowledged His Massachusetts Healthcare Plan Imposed A Tax’
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But Mitt. Charlie Gibson just asked you if you imposed a tax and you said yes. I thought you said you described YOUR Mass. health care as a mandate?

Just like Romney say’s it’s ‘offshoring’ not ‘outsourcing’.

Oh lets not forget THIS Mitt – ‘ Even with the mandate, the Massachuesetts law remains popular. Two polls taken
in the past year show more than 60 percent of Massachusetts residents approve of
the law’.

‘One reason the mandate has failed to undermine that support is that so few people
have had to pay. In 2009, the most recent year for which the state has figures, less
than 1 percent of residents drew the penalty’.
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‘Directly contradicting his senior adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney told CBS that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is “a tax.”

‘The Supreme Court said the federal government can only impose a mandate as a tax, Romney argues, but that doesn’t mean a state mandate has to be defined as a tax’.

CRAWFORD: “But does that mean that the mandate in the state of Massachusetts under your health care law also is a tax? I mean, you raised taxes as governor.”

ROMNEY: “Actually, the chief justice in his opinion made it very clear that at the state level, states have the power to put in place mandates. They don’t need to require them to be called taxes in order for them to be constitutional. And as a result, Massachusetts’ mandate was a mandate, was a penalty, was described that way by the Legislature and by me, and so it stays as it was.”

CRAWFORD: “So at the state level because of … you’re saying the Supreme Court says that’s different, that the federal government — the powers are different between the states and the federal government? Does that make sense to you?”

ROMNEY: “Just take a read of the opinion. The chief justice said that states have what’s known as police power, and states can implement penalties and mandates and so forth under their constitutions, which is what Massachusetts did. But the federal government does not have those powers, and therefore for the Supreme Court to reach the conclusion it did — that the law was constitutional — they had to find it was a tax, and they did. And therefore Obamacare’s a tax. Like it or not, it’s a tax.”

‘A key question, going forward, is just how much Romney will make this a part of his campaign pitch. Will he actually hit the trail and try to argue that Obamacare imposed a tax in the form of an individual mandate, but his health care law didn’t’?
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Mitt Romney Lies #24 – ‘Mystery Bermuda-based company and other undisclosed Romney assets hint at larger wealth’

Misinformation. Disinformation. Lies. Hiding from questions.

What is Mitt Romney hiding?

Why won’t he tell us, disclose to the American people his finances?

1 year of tax returns?

Mitt Romney’s father George Romney, then the governor of Michigan, explained why he was releasing so many years (12) worth of tax returns, saying, “One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.”

But you want America to just ‘trust’ you Mitt Romney?

You’ll decide for us what is important and what isn’t?

Why don’t YOU trust us?

WASHINGTON —’For nearly 15 years, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s financial portfolio has included an offshore company that remained invisible to voters as his political star rose’.

‘Based in Bermuda, Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors Ltd. was not listed on any of Romney’s state or federal financial reports. The company is among several Romney holdings that have not been fully disclosed, including one that recently posted a $1.9 million earning — suggesting he could be wealthier than the nearly $250 million estimated by his campaign’.

‘The omissions were permitted by state and federal authorities overseeing Romney’s ethics filings, and he has never been cited for failing to disclose information about his money’.

‘But Romney’s limited disclosures deprive the public of an accurate depiction of his wealth and a clear understanding of how his assets are handled and taxed, according to experts in private equity, tax and campaign finance law’.

‘Sankaty was transferred to a trust owned by Romney’s wife, Ann, one day before he was sworn in as Massachusetts governor in 2003, according to Bermuda records obtained by The Associated Press’.

‘The Romneys’ ownership of the offshore firm did not appear on any state or federal financial reports during Romney’s two presidential campaigns. Only the Romneys’ 2010 tax records, released under political pressure earlier this year, confirmed their continuing control of the company’.

‘The mystery surrounding Sankaty reinforces Romney’s history of keeping a tight rein on his public dealings, already documented by his use of private email and computer purges as Massachusetts governor and his refusal to disclose his top fundraisers’.

“We don’t know the big picture,” said Victor Fleischer, a University of Colorado law professor and private equity expert who urged corporate tax code reforms during congressional testimony last year. “Most of these disclosure rules are designed for people who have passive ownership of stocks and bonds. But in this case, he continues to own management interests that fluctuate greatly in value long after his time with the company and even the end of his separation agreement. And the public has no clear idea where the money is coming from or when it will end.”

‘Romney’s campaign declined to answer detailed questions from AP about Sankaty’.
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