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‘Democrats go AWOL in class war’

I’m a Liberal and proud to be one.

But as mad as I get at Conservatives for putting money ahead of people, I get just as frustrated at Liberals NOT putting people ahead of money.

It’s the new ‘Populism’ that far too many don’t understand.

The teabaggers used ‘populism’ to ‘take America back’ for their benefit.

Isn’t it time for Liberals to use ‘populism’ to ‘take America back’ for everyone? Remember ‘We The People?

‘What the hell ever happened to populism in the Democratic Party’?

‘The recent convergence of setbacks on the left has activists and historians alike pondering anew how the modern Democratic Party has severed its connection to its own history — a tradition that many liberals wrongly imagined was about to spring back to life in the Obama years’.

‘Populism — with its rowdy zeal to brawl against economic elites on behalf of the working classes — was for decades the party’s defining cause’.

‘In language that highlights the tameness of contemporary class warfare, President Franklin D. Roosevelt railed against “economic royalists” and the “forces of organized greed,” and, of his business opponents, he gloated, “I welcome their hatred.”

‘These days, it’s possible to count on one hand the number of unapologetic populists in the U.S. Senate and, besides Elizabeth Warren, there are few more on the horizon’.

‘For the fighting left, it is a frustrating puzzle. If ever there was a moment for a good, old-fashioned class war, at first blush it seems now should be the time. Yet even after the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, there are few politicians preaching, or practicing, the old-time religion’.

‘And, with the 2010 Citizens United decision, in which the Supreme Court struck down key limits on contributions, the capacity of corporate interests to directly control campaigns may be as significant as at any time since the Gilded Age’.

“They own the Republican Party, and they have too much influence in my party, I mean there’s no question about that,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), a true-blue populist up for reelection who has had $8.3 million spent against him already by third-party groups, most of them allies of business . “That’s why wealth is so concentrated at the top. And that’s all enforced now by this outside spending. Every member around here has had to have thought at times that, ‘If I vote this way the wrath of God is coming down on me.’”
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2 thoughts on “‘Democrats go AWOL in class war’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    The democrats are a decisive group who, unfortunately, couldn’t agree on the time of day. They are their own worst enemy.

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