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Somebody didn’t get the memo – ‘Clark County GOP erects billboard touting Ron Paul, deriding Mitt Romney’


Yeah. I wouldn’t be braging about ‘the oathkeepers’ either’

‘It sits at Decatur and Russell in Las Vegas, a stark reminder of the Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party in the state’s largest county’.

‘The message is unmistakable: Ron Paul is like Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney is like George W. Bush. The latter is not meant kindly, I assure you’.

‘Also advertised on the billboard is Oathkeepers, a group calling its members patriots but who critics refer to as paranoiacs of the first order. Check out its site’
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The Weekly 2012 – The ‘Alternative’ vs. ‘Vision’ – The ‘Wisconsin Effect’

There are moments…………………….

What ‘messages’ do either campaign send regarding their or their opponents ‘alternatives’ or ‘visions’.

5 months out from the election, there is a recall in Wisconsin.

The President doesn’t show to campaign.

The DNC is super tight in the purse strings.

Governor Walker wins. And wins comfortably because the National Democratic message was we didn’t really believe in the alternative to Gov. Walker and the Conservative ‘vision’.

Wisconsin goes R in November. +10 to Romney.

The ‘Wisconsin Effect’ kicks in.

Ohio now leans R and if Romney picks Portman, Ohio is Romney’s. +18 to Romney.

A few DOJ letters won’t stop the ‘voter purge’ in Florida (and other States) and sensing the lack of will from Democrats, Florida goes R. +29 to Romney.

Again sensing the lack of conviction or courage of will, Missouri goes R. +10 to Romney.

Indiana goes R for that and support for fellow Governors and Senators (Walker and Portman). +11 to Romney.

Arizona, Colorado and Iowa swing to the momentum. +26 to Romney.

Unable to stop the tide in the South of the Conservative hate for President Obama and the lack of conviction in the Democrats, Virgina goes R. +13 to Romney.

This gives Romney 308 electorial votes and the Presidency.

There are moments.

Wisconsin was a ‘moment’ for the Democrats. A ‘moment’ they let slip away.

This is how important Wisconsin WAS to the Democrats and Rob Portman WILL BE to Romney.

‘Obama campaign manager Jim Messina put out a video message which includes a map showing President Obama ahead of Mitt Romney in electoral votes, 243 to 191, with another 104 undecided’.

‘Toss ups: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin’.

‘Lean Democrat: Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania’.

‘Lean Republican: Arizona, Indiana, and Missouri’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘AIG CEO: “Retirement ages will have to move to 70, 80 years old” – Mitt Romney – “Corporations are people my friend”

‘Says the guy who made $7 million last year (and the year before) running a bailed out company from his comfortable European seaside “villa” as he calls it’.

‘American International Group Inc. (AIG) Chief Executive Officer Robert Benmosche said Europe’s debt crisis shows governments worldwide must accept that people will have to work more years as life expectancies increase’.

“Retirement ages will have to move to 70, 80 years old,” Benmosche, who turned 68 last week, said during a weekend interview at his seaside villa in Dubrovnik, Croatia. “That would make pensions, medical services more affordable. They will keep people working longer and will take that burden off of the youth.”
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1.’After being appointed CEO of the nation’s largest TARP recipient, Benmosche took a two-week vacation to his 8,000-square-foot villa in Croatia’.
2′.He requested a corporate jet for personal leisure, and was rejected by AIG’s board of directors’.
3.’He has made several provocative statements, such as calling Congress “a bunch of crazies,” and saying that New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo “doesn’t deserve to be in government.”
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‘Dems push for national debate on whether GOP is sabotaging economy’

Prove it.

And that’s what Greg Sargent at The Plum Line says.

‘Even if swing voters are fully convinced that the GOP is deliberately blocking Obama policies they believe would help the economy, they may not care, and may simply ask themselves why Obama isn’t getting his policies through despite the opposition’.

Filibusters and ‘no compromise’ are logical and responsible answers as to why Obama CAN’T get legislation through Congress.

But when your same friends are still unemployed a yrear later, the same houses are empty and have ‘For Sale’ signs on them, you don’t want logical or reasonable.

You want action.

Grover Norquist : ““We will make it so that a Democrat cannot govern as a Democrat.”

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But even THAT won’t stop a ‘National Debate’ on obstructuion! Right?


‘Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem’

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“What continues to strike me is the radio silence on these shows about both these themes,” Ornstein said by phone moments ago. “The Republicans bear a lot of the onus for rank obstructionism. But there’s a false equivalence here, and the press crops has been AWOL in its duty to report the truth.”

”Judging by emails and phone calls and personal conversations we’ve had with major reporters, this has generated lots of discussion in the newsrooms, but the shows are making a concious decision to ignore it,” Ornstein continued’.

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Which came first. Apathy? Or the failure of the press?

Plum Line :

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