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‘AG emails: Get to the bottom of Fast and Furious’

Come November, we ALL have a chance to vote OUR contempt for Congress.

‘Issa Peddled Conspiracy Theory at NRA Convention’

Republican Representative Darrel Issa – “This administration has trampled on the Constitution, on the First Amendment, on religious rights, and if you don’t think that this Fast and Furious and things like it are the beginning of an attack in the second term on the Second Amendment, you really haven’t evaluated this president”.
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‘New revelations point to a Darrell Issa conspiracy’
‘Newly reported facts contravene Issa’s unfounded claims about Fast and Furious’
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‘In email exchanges with subordinates in February and March 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder and the department’s second-highest official expressed growing concern that something might have gone wrong in a federal gun-smuggling probe called Operation Fast and Furious’.

‘Two of Holder’s emails and one by Deputy Attorney General James Cole were among documents the Justice Department showed Tuesday to Republican and Democratic staffers of the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee in an effort to ward off a criminal contempt vote against the attorney general’.

‘For the past year and a half, some Republicans have promoted the idea that Holder and other top-level officials at the Justice Department knew federal agents in Operation Fast and Furious had engaged in a risky tactic known as “gun-walking.”

‘Two of Holder’s emails and one from Cole appear to show that they hadn’t known about gun-walking but were determined to find out whether the allegations were true’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionsim – Speaker Boehner: ‘This election is about jobs’

Yep. It’s all about jobs when it comes to Republicans.

“If the Court strikes down all or part of the president’s health care law, there will be no spiking of the ball,” Boehner wrote in a memo today to House Republicans’.

‘Boehner said the GOP’s focus should remain on the overall economy, and “we will not celebrate at a time when millions of our fellow Americans remain out of work, the national debt has exceeded the size of our nation’s economy, health costs continue to rise, and small businesses are struggling to hire.”
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4 hours after the Supreme Court ruled on health care –

‘Eric Holder Contempt Vote Purposely Scheduled By Republicans To Fall In Health Care Ruling Shadow’
“I think the Repubcian leadership wasn’t so eager to be doing this, and let’s get it overshadowed,” said one senior Democratic congressman who joined the walkout. “The leadership might not have been so eager to do this in the full light of day. I suspect the Republican leadership realize how ridiculous this is, how bad it looks.”

“One of the biggest drivers of voter disapproval is the belief that Congress has focused on the wrong priorities for the last 18 months, so spending another week scoring political points rather than creating jobs will push their ratings even lower,” one Democratic operative said. “The inmates run the asylum other there, but the Republican leadership knows they don’t need to remind voters of that.”
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‘Leader Cantor: House Will Vote To Repeal ObamaCare On July 11th’
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Yep. All about jobs for Americans.


A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Former GOP Spokesman: ‘Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?’

The Supreme Court doesn’t overturn legislation and their first thoughts are armed rebellion, the devastation of terrorism and impeachment?

How, how can the leaders of the Republican Party NOT stand up and say

E N O U G H!

And the longer they don’t, I and more and more Americans are understanding that their silence is acceptance.


‘A Lansing-based civil rights attorney who has held positions with the Michigan Republican Party and Department of Corrections, questioned in a widely distributed email today whether armed rebellion was justified over the Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare’.

‘Matthew Davis sent the email moments after the Supreme Court ruling to numerous new media outlets and limited government activists with the headline: “Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?”

‘He stressed that he wasn’t calling for armed rebellion but added his own personal note to the email, saying, “… here’s my response. And yes, I mean it.”

‘He said he was writing with an “eye toward asking at what point the Republic is in peril.”
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‘Pence likens health care ruling to 9/11’
‘In a closed door House GOP meeting Thursday, Indiana congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence likened the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the Democratic health care law to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to several sources present’.

‘He immediately apologized’.

“My remarks at the Republican Conference following the Supreme Court decision were thoughtless. I certainly did not intend to minimize any tragedy our nation has faced and I apologize,” Pence said in a statement to POLITICO’.
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‘Blog chatter: Impeach John Roberts’
“Justice Roberts is a TRAITOR. Along with all the damn LIBERALS on court. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH #SCOTUS,” said @jensan1332′.

“Looks like I’m not alone on this,” wrote @tahDeetz, retweeting a note from @CnservativePunk, which read, “I am in a vengeful mood the next move Impeach John Roberts.”

“Impeach Roberts NOW and the rest of the #SCOTUS for upholding #Obamacare as a tax, still is un-Constitutional to force entry into markets!!!” wrote @denvercdavis’.

“Let your cry be damn obama and impeach roberts!!”added @DrTEMorganSr’.
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teabagger alert! – “I’m moving to Canada, the United States is entirely too socialist,” tweets @WallyWeldon

There is stupid.

And then there is teabagger stupid.

‘In what can only be described as a phenomenon of the Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof Sci-fi variety, hordes of dyspeptic right-wingers (I’m guessing) took to Twitter to express their sheer outrage at the Supreme Court decision and threatened to ’move to Canada’ to escape socialized medicine. I sorely wish that was a typo, but it is much too much true. Perhaps these individuals will encourage citizens of Bahrain to move to Syria to escape despotism, or maybe pour gasoline on a fire to put it out. On the bright side, at least tea baggers are totally butchering and misrepresenting the history and public policies of a country other than their own’.

“I’m moving to Canada, the United States is entirely too socialist,” tweets @WallyWeldon

“The supreme court upheld Obama Care. That’s it. I’m moving to Canada!,” tweets @lucasdargis’.

“#SCOTUS holds up free healthcare for everyone?! Screw this commie country, I’m moving to #Canada!, ” tweets @Vansummers (Huffington Post)’

‘This stunning display of willful ignorance–albeit hilarious–is almost as classic as when a bunch of angry old white people demand that the government not get involved in their Medicare, which was the equivalent of boycotting the highway system and then going on a cross-country road trip. So nobody inform these people of the ridiculously well-established fact that Canada not only has had a socialized form of health care since the 1950s, but universal health care. I want them be to be surprised’.
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A teabagger, ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Sen. Rand Paul: ObamaCare Isn’t Constitutional ‘Just Because A Couple People On The Supreme Court Say So’

Far too many Conservatives equate acting like teabaggers as ‘patriotic’.

The ACA was passed by both houses of Congress.

Signed into law by the President.

Challenged in the courts right up to the Supreme Court.

Yet to Conservatives and teabaggers, it’s still not ‘Constitutional’.

After all. ‘Real’ Conservatives and teabaggers are the ones who really know what’s in the Constitution!

“Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional. While the court may have erroneously come to the conclusion that the law is allowable, it certainly does nothing to make this mandate or government takeover of our health care right,” Sen. Paul said.

“Obamacare is wrong for Americans. It will destroy our health care system. This now means we fight every hour, every day until November to elect a new President and a new Senate to repeal Obamacare,” he continued’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Shortage of workers has farmers ‘terrified’

This is what Mitt Romney doesn’t and can’t possibily understand about the economy.

The working middle class and poor working class.

This bottom 1/2 to 2/3 of the population actually supplies the labor that keeps America going.

These are the people that can’t borrow $20,000 from their parents to go to college or start up a business.

These are the people that need health care, affordable education, equal opportunites to improve their lives.

These are the people that don’t have wealthy parents or even middle class parents.

Moving forward we can either make the opportunities available to give hope to these people…………..

Or make them servants to the upper classes.

Show me where the Founding Fathers said that.

‘As Washington’s asparagus season draws to a close, growers have much to feel good about. Prices have been high all season, matching demand. The weather has cooperated, and the quality of the crop is superb. But as the last grass, as it’s known, is cut from the fields, there is a distinct unease instead of a sense of celebration’.

“We just could not find the people to cut it,” said Alan Schreiber, executive director of the Washington State Asparagus Commission in Eltopia. And it’s just the beginning, growers fear, as the summer cherry harvest – predicted to be a record crop this year, and the most labor intensive of all – kicks into gear this week’.

‘Growers had trouble mustering the small crews needed to cut asparagus over the adagio rhythm of a 10-week season on about 5,000 acres. How will cherry growers muster the 40,000 workers they need to strip off their crop, typically in a 10-day sprint in most orchards’?

“I think we are all terrified,” said B.J. Thurlby, president of the Washington State Fruit Commission and Northwest Cherry Growers’.

‘Nobody produces more apples and sweet cherries for fresh eating than Washington, which has a lot on the line with record crops expected in both this harvest season’.

‘The labor problem in Washington’s $8 billion agricultural industry has been years in the making. Some 150,000 seasonal workers are needed to bring in the state’s crops each year; only Florida, California and Texas employ more’.

‘For decades, Washington growers have depended on a largely illegal workforce, mostly Latino, to do the skilled, hand labor needed to tie hop vines on trellises; prune, thin and pick cherries, apples, apricots and pears; and divide, plant and cut asparagus, said Mike Gempler, executive director of the Washington Growers League’.

‘After Congress passed immigration legislation in 1986, including amnesty for illegal workers now living in the country, many Mexican families made the U.S. their permanent home. But the children of those families have gone on to other work’.

‘What is missing now is a workable government policy under which a stable workforce willing to do the hardest tasks, such as cutting asparagus, is reliably and legally available, Schreiber said’.

‘Just before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, progress was being made toward a new U.S. immigration policy. But that chance at stability was lost in the charged post-9/11 political climate, which has only gotten more divisive, and Congress is at an impasse on immigration. In recent years, the United States has tightened its borders and focused on enforcement, rather than a labor solution’.
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