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Mitt Romney Lies #19 – ‘Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas’

Misinformation. Disinformation. Lies. Hiding from the truth.
‘During the nearly 15 years that Romney was actively involved in running Bain, a private equity firm that he founded, it owned companies that were pioneers in the practice of shipping work from the United States to overseas call centers and factories making computer components, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission’.

‘Romney in recent months has lamented the toll it’s taken on the U.S. economy. He has repeatedly pledged he would protect American employment by getting tough on China’.

“They’ve been able to put American businesses out of business and kill American jobs,” he told workers at a Toledo fence factory in February. “If I’m president of the United States, that’s going to end.”

‘Speaking at a metalworking factory in Cincinnati last week, Romney cited his experience as a businessman, saying he knows what it would take to bring employers back to the United States. “For me it’s all about good jobs for the American people and a bright and prosperous future,” he said’.

‘But a Washington Post examination of securities filings shows the extent of Bain’s investment in firms that specialized in helping other companies move or expand operations overseas’.

‘While Bain was not the largest player in the outsourcing field, the private equity firm was involved early on, at a time when the departure of jobs from the United States was beginning to accelerate and new companies were emerging as handmaidens to this outflow of employment’.

‘Bain played several roles in helping these outsourcing companies, such as investing venture capital so they could grow and providing management and strategic business advice as they navigated this rapidly developing field’.

‘Romney campaign officials repeatedly declined requests to comment on Bain’s record of investing in outsourcing firms during the Romney era’.

‘Campaign officials have said it is unfair to criticize Romney for investments made by Bain after he left the firm but did not address those made on his watch’.
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Money in Politics – Of course our elected Representatives are ‘serving the public’

‘The House of Representatives today added another mark to the list — the Domestic Energy Production Act, H.R. 4480’.

‘The act is specifically designed to increase oil and gas development, with measures that block safeguards from smog and pollution and mandate drilling on public lands’.

‘The House Republicans passed this pollution and plunder energy package overrun by oil and gas industry interests, 248 to 163. This breakdown includes 229 Republicans and 19 Democratic members’.

‘A ThinkProgress analysis of Center for Responsive Politics data shows how that oil and gas money overwhelmingly went to the votes for gutting safeguards from air pollution, drilling regulations and public lands protections’:

•’The 248 members — 229 Republicans and 19 Democrats. They received a total of $38.6 million in oil and gas campaign cash — or an average of $156,000 each’.

•’The 163 members who voted no — 158 Democrats and 5 Republicans, they received $5.8 million, or $36,000 each’.
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‘Boehner: If Supreme Court strikes down health care law, ‘there will be no spiking of the ball’

I’m sorry Speaker Boehner but FOX so called news will be ‘spiking the ball’ and and so will most (all) Republican candidates for office, from now until November just so the ‘fringe’ of the Republican party will vote for them.

But what’s worse is the Republican party has no plans to replace the Health Care Act.

Let’s just leave a huge empty hole for Americans.

And lot’s of money from the insurance industry for Republicans.

So THAT’S why there’s no hurry to replace a repealed Health Care Act.


‘In a memo sent to his entire caucus Friday, Boehner warned members not to gloat over what most Republicans would see as a victory’.

“[I]f the Court strikes down all or part of the president’s health care law, there will be no spiking of the ball,” Boehner wrote in the memo. “Republicans are focused on the economy—and under President Obama’s policies, our economy is struggling. We will not celebrate at a time when millions of our fellow Americans remain out of work’.
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‘Mourdock cheers SCOTUS for striking down Obamacare’
“Well, we’ve had our brief moment of celebration, because the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is, in fact, unconstitutional’.
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‘Undoing health law could have messy ripple effects’
‘Even if the Supreme Court overturns President Barack Obama’s health care law, employers can keep offering popular coverage for the young adult children of their workers’.
‘But here’s the catch: The parents’ taxes would go up’.
‘Better Medicare prescription benefits, currently saving hundreds of dollars for older people with high drug costs, would be suspended’.
‘Ditto for preventive care with no co-payments, now available to retirees and working families alike’.
‘Partially overturning the law could leave hospitals, insurers and other service providers on the hook for tax increases and spending cuts without the law’s promise of more paying customers to offset losses’.
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‘Republicans have no plans to seek quick replacement of health care law after court ruling’
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‘Lobbyists shoveling money to Republican candidates’
• Insurance industry $12 million, 67% to Republicans;
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The Obama/Biden ‘Dashboard’

‘Stay up to date on the campaign’
‘On Dashboard, you’ll get the latest campaign news before anyone else. You can join in the national conversation with campaign leadership and local supporters alike to see exactly what’s going and what we’re doing to win’.

‘Get the latest volunteer tools’
‘Dashboard is a customized app with the best tools in organizing. You can call voters from home, organize events, track your progress as a volunteer, and help contribute to state and national goals’.

‘Connect with other supporters like you’
‘Dashboard brings people together. You can find volunteers in your neighborhood, join a local team, or connect with grassroots groups to organize around the issues you care about most’.
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‘Joe the Plumber: Bible More Accurate Than Science Books Because It’s Never Been Revised’

Dusting off my very best Captain Jack Sparrow – ‘WHAT’?

‘In the constant effort to say the dumbest, most ignorant thing ever, Joe takes the lead once more’.

‘Wurzelbacher explained how his pastor, who seems to believe that faith and science are incompatible, noted that while science textbooks have several new editions, the Bible has never been revised’.

”Revision Seven.’ He said, ‘now look at the Bible, what does it say’?

‘I said, ‘Holy Bible.’ He said, ‘see any revisions on it Joe’?

‘I said, ‘no.’

‘He said, ‘the reason why is because this is God’s word…man’s always looking for an answer, that’s why it’s revised.”
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But it’s NOT Republican obstructionism – ‘Nikki Haley Vetoes Child Vaccination Bill, Calls It Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare Mandate’

‘The measure was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support according to the Lexington (S.C.) Patch’.

‘The measure passed with a 63-40 House vote and 40-2 Senate vote’.

“This bill had bipartisan support and gives optional education and preventative vaccines to adolescents in an effort to thwart cervical cancer. This is a common sense approach to a very serious problem. To call this measure unnecessary is demeaning and insulting to the heroic women who fight this cancer everyday. I am deeply disappointed that politics once again has prevailed over women’s health.”

‘Haley’s move carries with it an air of hypocrisy as when she was a state representative in 2007 she had co-sponsored a bill authorizing mandatory HPV vaccinations to be given to girls in the seventh grade. Haley had eventually withdrew her support for the bill because it did not include an opt out clause for parents to decline the vaccine if they didn’t want their children to have it’.

‘The hypocritical part of the story is that Sellers’ bill did include the very opt-out clause that Haley fought for’.
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‘(Republicans) proposed it before they were against it….’
‘But this is just more evidence of obstructionism without serious proposals’.
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A Conversation with a ‘Conservative’ – ‘Yes, Iraq Definitely Had WMD, Vast Majority Of Polled Republicans Insist’

Not an actual ‘conversation’ but one I and I’m sure most of us HAVE had.

‘WASHINGTON — ‘How misinformed are Republicans about world affairs? If presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s assertion that Russia is “without question our number one geopolitical foe” is any indication, then the answer would appear to be very’.

‘A new poll supports that theory’.

‘The poll, constructed by Dartmouth government professor Benjamin Valentino and conducted by YouGov from April 26 to May 2, found that fully 63 percent of Republican respondents still believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when the U.S. invaded in 2003’.
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