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“It is hard to hold a rational conversation with a Rightie”

(My only post today as ‘real’ life will make for a very full day.)

I wrote a post a couple of days ago titled “But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘With Deadline Approaching, House GOP Still Holding 1.9 Million Transportation Jobs Hostage'”.
Got several responses including one from a ‘Conservative’.

Now the post was strickly about the House Republicans holding ‘hostage’ the Transportation Biil that will keep 1.9 million AMERICANS working and create a possible additional 1+ million jobs.

The House Republicans want the Keystone pipe line added to the Transportation bill.

So the Conservative responded by providing a link to a story from CNN Money titled “Keystone pipeline: How many jobs it would really create”.

After responding that the story pointed out 3 different predictions as to jobs created the Conservastive responded by saying and I quote “‘The story in and of itself is ridiculous! “more oil means a decline in green jobs”!! Jeez! like what ‘green jobs’?
Oh I know, like the ones at Solyndra …’

Well I’m sorry the story was ‘ridiculous!’ The Conservative was the one who supplied the link to the ‘ridiculous!’ story.

And ‘green jobs’?

Out of a well written story from CNN Money, with plenty of links to support it, the Conservative found 1, count them, 1 line that apparently made the story ‘ridiculous!’

“And it said more oil would mean a decline in green jobs” adding to the remarks by a study form Cornell University.

1 line.

John Liming from American Liberal Times had rebloged my post (again many humble thanks) and also commented saying ‘It is hard to hold a rational conversation with a Rightie’.

Indeed it is. Because after the Conservative supplying the link to what he later called a ‘ridiculous!’ story and then finding 1, count them, 1 line out of the WHOLE story about ‘green jobs’, he then went compleyely off point.

Now remember the orginal post was about the Transportation bill that the House Republicans are holding hostage by insisting on including the approval of the Keystone pipe line.

But the Conservative now went on to include ‘Solyndra’.

Not the jobs lost if the bill isn’t approved. No. ‘Solyndra’.

And then ‘tax the rich’. Still no mention of jobs lost by the Conservative.

In fact the Conservative even asked in his response ‘1.9 million jobs lost where’?

Oh and then Obama is destroying the coal industry. Killed oil exploration in the Gulf. Subsidized Brazil’s oil industry. George Soros. George Clooney. Sarah Jessica Parker. (Remember the orginal post was about the House Republicans holding 1.9 million JOBS hostage by insisting on including the Keystone pipe line in the Transportation bill.) Something about banning large sodas in NYC. Fast and Furious. More on taxing the rich. Food stamps. Health care. ‘You people (meaning Liberals) having no honor, decency or dignity. Liberals are destroying the Nation.

Again the original post was about the 1.9 million jobs that will stop IF the Republicans keep insisting on including the Keystone in the Transportation bill.

So John, you’re right. It is hard to have a rational conversation with a ‘rightie’.
Conservative : ‘Not to intrude on your intellectual discussion here, but I believe your estimate of 6,000 temporary jobs created by approving the Keystone Pipeline is somewhat off’.

Me : Oh you’re right.
Trans Canada who want to build the pipe line says it will create 20,000 ‘direct’ jobs and 120,000 ‘indirect’ jobs.
That’s from the company that wants to build the pipe line.
So maybe, just maybe a little bias.
The State Department says it will create 5,000 ‘direct’ jobs.
From the article : ‘Even according to TransCanada, the amount of permanent jobs created would be only in the hundreds’.
And also from your article : ‘Meanwhile, one study from Cornell University said the pipeline could actually lead to a decline in jobs in the long run. One reason is that the pipeline would lead to higher fuel prices in the Midwest, the study said, and that would slow consumer spending and cost jobs’.
‘The study also said jobs could also be lost due to crop failures or other events associated with higher pollution levels the oil sands would bring. And it said more oil would mean a decline in green jobs’.
So did you actually read the article you linked?

Conservative : ‘Of course I read the story. After reading it I wondered exactly what kind of response I’d get and I surely wasn’t disappointed. I chose that particular story knowing I could have written your response myself. You good folks on the left are very predictable’.
‘The story in and of itself is ridiculous! “more oil means a decline in green jobs”!! Jeez! like what ‘green jobs’?
Oh I know, like the ones at Solyndra …’

Me : So you weren’t disappointed in me pointing out the three different estimates in jobs created by the Keystone pipe line?
What does that even mean?
I read the article. Did you think I wouldn’t?
What is interesting is that you went from the Republicans wanting to layoff 1.9 million people (my OP) to Solyndra.
To you and the Republicans, Solyndra and the Keystone pipeline are more important then 1.9 million jobs.
That’s not ‘predictable’ of a Conservative but it is sickening.
Why would you want 1.9 million people to be laid off?
What kind of twisted, sick, Conservative logic is that?
Do you really hate President Obama that much that you’d want to see even more unemployment?

Conservative : ‘You make a good point. It’s not important to folks like you that Mr. Obama gave a half billion dollars to a company that was failing … but the boss there supported Barack, so he had to pay them off. No problem with you. Just tax the “rich” so Obama and company can waste more. 1.9 million jobs lost where? He’s a wrecking ball to this nation and the “sick, twisted” part is that liberals love it. He’s destroying the coal industry, in his own words knows electricity costs will skyrocket … no problem. He’s killed oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico … oh that’s right … only for the United States, but subsidized Brazil’s oil industry … oh that’s right, Geroge Soros has vested interests there. Those dastardly “rich” 1% ers. Oh … no problem with Barack sucking the 1% ers money for his re-election campaign .. ie George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, to name two.
You people are the biggest hypocrits I’ve ever witnessed. You have one guy that comments that was griping about NYC banning large sized sodas … “don’t tell me what I can eat or drink” … but regulate and control everything else.
Now we have the Fast and Furious scandal and what I’ve noticed, as I often visit left-wing, liberal/socialist blog sites, is I haven’t seen a word about that on any of them. One would think that we, as Americans, whether “righties or lefties” would want to get to the bottom of that. But you guys write only about taxing the rich (so Obama and the Congressional Crime Syndicate can waste more) and give me my food stamps and pay for my health care. It’s always about getting something for nothing. No sir/ma’am whatever you are. You people are the sick, twisted freaks that have no honor, decency, or dignity. You are the people that are destroying this nation … and for what? So you can get your hand outs from the government’.

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