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Caturday at the Kanes


‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Dear Mr. Romney, please explain why America will be better off when more teachers, cops, and firefighters are unemployed’.

Just a month ago, Mitt Romney was using a visit with firefighters in New York as a talking point. Firefighters had to get two jobs just to get by.

Now he sees cutting firefighters, police, teachers, as ‘helping the American people’.

Just how does this ‘help’ America?

Oh that’s right.

Those are tax supported jobs.

We need the ‘job creators’ to create a profit driven job market.

Who’s going to teach the people to work in those markets?

Who’s going to provide ‘protect and serve’ communities for those people in those markets to live in?

Who’s going to put out fires, rescue or provide medical assistance to the people in those markets?

This is the core of what made America and made us great. A community funded and supported education, protection and safety.

It is ‘paying it forward’.


Mitt Romney : “[Obama] wants to hire more government workers. He says we need more fireman, more policeman, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.”

‘Let’s be clear about this: Romney is rejecting the idea of saving the jobs of cops, firefighters, and teachers. He sees this as an applause line. The Republican nominee for president believes we can “help the American people” by laying off, not just public-sector workers in general, but specifically cops, firefighters, and teachers’.

‘It reminded me of a story from a month ago. Romney stopped by a Manhattan fire station with Rudy Giuliani — by pure coincidence, it coincided with the anniversary of the mission that killed Osama bin Laden — and reflected on one of the conversations he had with a firefighter’.

‘Speaking at a Ritz Carlton fundraiser in a wealthy D.C. suburb the next day, the Republican said, “I spoke with a fireman yesterday, and he has a one-bedroom apartment, and his wife is pregnant, and he can’t afford a second bedroom. I asked the firefighters I was meeting with, about 15 of them, how many had had to take another job to make ends meet, and almost every one of them had.”

‘As of this afternoon, Romney believe he can “help the American people” by making sure that some of those firefighters are laid off’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Koran-Hating Pastor Hangs Barack Obama In Effigy In Florida Church’s Front Yard’

Donald Trump saying he has doubts about President Obama being born in this Country. Mitt Romney being quiet.

Hate is ‘free speech’.

Condeming hate is also free speech.

Now you can go ahead and claim that this is an isolated, religious group. A cult if you will. And by most standards it is.

But the silence of NOT condeming these types of actions by the right is becoming deafening.

There is a line and this goes well beyond the ‘line’.

Hate, unchecked, will spread.

‘The Florida pastor who ignited an international furor by threatening to burn a pile of Korans has applied his subtle touch to the 2012 presidential campaign by constructing a gallows from which a likeness of President Barack Obama now hangs in effigy’.

‘The display in the front yard of Terry Jones’s Dove World Outreach Center (DWOC) in Gainesville features a dummy wearing an Obama mask hanging from a yellow noose. Along with an American flag and a rainbow-striped gay pride flag, the scene includes an Uncle Sam dummy and a child’s doll hanging from the right hand of the Obama figure’.

‘Nearby, the words “Obama is Killing America” are printed on a trailer. So, it appears, the creepy Jones is returning the favor’.
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As someone with a keen interest (unfortunately) in both politics and history I have always been equal parts fascinated and disturbed by the McCarthy era. The great red witch hunt for anyone who dared to question capitalism. Never mind if you supported capitalism as an idea, but felt it’s current pratice in the US could use reform. And never mind if when you were young and idealistic you supported at least some tenents of ideals that you had moved away from. The famous: “are you now, or have you ever been…”

A dark time for America- violently smothering any and all ideas deemed by a few to be contrary.

I am not a communist, a socialist, a republican, a democrat, a libertarian. Just as I am not a christian, a jew, an islamist, a hindu…  I see inherent strengths, and weaknesses- in many philosophies.

Two writers everyone here will know-…

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This made me laugh.  I am sure the Republicans would love to have a Neuralyzer at their disposal!


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History does repeat itself.
“A Republic if we can keep it”. – Ben Franklin.
“Corporations are people too”. – Mitt Romney

Okie Progressive

“Nobody was ever prosecuted. Important men were never arrested or grilled over facts. The newspaper sensation created by an impotent congressional investigation in 1934 and 1935 died down and the story collected dust, forgotten ever since.” — Chris Floyd, A key event in the History of Corporate Crime

To overthrow the U.S. government (1934) for the purpose of bringing huge profits to big business required a radical new form of government for the U.S. And, who the heck was Marine Corps Maj.-Gen. Smedley Butler?

Attempted Putsch Overthrow of the American Government

“The severity and persistence of the Depression raised questions in the minds of the public about business leaders and capitalism itself. Underlying this questioning was the perennial debate over what role the government should take. Although Roosevelt wanted and needed the support of business, he also knew that the government must advance beyond representing the “single interest” that…

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Cameron also came out with some remarks on Iran that will have Conservatives here (Romney) looking out of touch.

The wealthy having money doesn’t create jobs.
The middle class spending does create jobs.
Reich does an excellent job of explaining.

thebigpicturereport ™

Robert Reich Explains All You Need to Know About Taxes in 2 1/2 minutes:

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