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Blog Running – ‘The world of threats to the US is an illusion’


For years when anyone said “We need to increase our military spending to protect ourselves” I always asked – ‘Protect our selves from whom”?

The only countries that could invade us by ground are Mexico or Canada.

By air or sea?

All of the combined air craft and boats in the World could not provide enough troops to invade us.


‘In fact, this world of threats is an illusion. The United States has no potent enemies. We are not only safe, but safer than any big power has been in all of modern history’.

‘Geography is our greatest protector. Wide oceans separate us from potential aggressors. Our vast homeland is rich and productive. No other power on earth is blessed with this security’.

‘Promoting the image of a world full of enemies creates a “security psychosis” that misshapes our view of the world’.

‘It tempts us to interpret defensive steps taken by other countries as threatening’.

‘In extreme cases, it pushes us into wars aimed at preempting threats that do not actually exist’.

‘Arms manufacturers profit from the security psychosis even more directly than militarists’.

‘Americans take our staggeringly large defense budget almost for granted, and lament continuously that other countries do not build as many exotic weapons systems as we do’.

‘Finding new threats is always good business for someone’.

‘With the United State so dominant in global politics, it’s time to secure this low-threat world’.

‘Our strategic goal should be to keep our country as safe as it is now’.

‘That means bringing troublemaking countries out of their isolation’.

‘Ignoring their interests, or seeking “full-spectrum dominance” to assure that they cannot rise, provokes reactions that will be bad for us in the long run’.

‘I recently asked a United States Navy officer what threats he believed the United States might confront in the future’.

‘To my astonishment, he answered, “Venezuela.”
‘The South American country is in political crisis and careening toward bankruptcy. Its combat navy counts six frigates and two submarines, none of them seaworthy’.

‘Yet last month President Obama designated Venezuela an “extraordinary threat to US national security.”

‘The search for enemies can lead to odd places’.

‘When Americans see threats everywhere, we fall into this trap’.

‘Believing we are besieged is strangely comforting. To recognize how safe we are would require a change of national mindset that we seem reluctant to make’.
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A Woman’s Life In A Republican World – ‘North Carolina May Force Doctors To Report Miscarriages To The Health Department’

war on women4

war on women10

Remember – Republican ‘small government’……..except if you’re a women then the State needs to keep track of your reproduction.

‘A piece of anti-abortion legislation currently advancing in North Carolina contains an unusual provision that critics say could be used to intimidate doctors who provide abortion services after the first trimester’.

  • ‘Under HB 465, physicians would be required to report detailed information about miscarriages and abortions to North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services if their patient’s pregnancy ends after 18 weeks’.

Remember ALL of this goes to the State to be kept on file……..

“A physician who advises, procures, or causes a miscarriage or abortion after the eighteenth week of a woman’s pregnancy shall record all of the following”:

“The method used by the physician to determine the probable gestational age of the unborn child at the time the procedure is to be performed”;

“The results of the methodology, including the measurements of the unborn child”;

“And an ultrasound image of the unborn child that depicts the measurements,” the legislation stipulates’.

‘Proponents of reproductive rights are worried that’s specifically designed to target abortion doctors, leaving them vulnerable to potential lawsuits from state officials who may allege they performed an abortion on a fetus that’s too far along’.

‘There’s also some concern that keeping a file of ultrasound images in the state health department would raise issues of privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality’.
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‘Everything you need to know about Mike Huckabee in 45 seconds’

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By the way – my pick – Huckabee will win the Iowa Caucus.




My favorite Mike Moment –


Mike Huckabee Wants People To Be Forced to Listen To David Barton At Gunpoint

David Barton is a disgraced (to the academic World) person who calls himself an ‘historian’.

‘Debunked historian David Barton had his book ‘Jefferson Lies’ pulled by the publisher , Thomas Nelson, earlier this year(2012), but that hasn’t stopped him from fabricating American history (video below)’.

‘Barton gave a presentation at the Northwoods Community Church in Peoria, Illinois, over the weekend and made the false claim that the U.S. Constitution directly quotes the Bible, reports’.

Barton said: “If you will take the Constitution in one hand and read its language and take a Bible in the other hand and read it, you’ll say “wow, that’s a direct quotation out of a Bible verse.” Yeah, exactly. If you’ll look through the Constitution, you’ll find so many direct quotations right out of Bible verses because that’s what they put in the document.”
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Republicans 2016 – ‘Bloomberg: on Bobby Jindal’s watch, Louisiana’s tattered finances the consequence of two key factors’


‘Gov. Bobby Jindal, a potential Republican presidential candidate, is trying to close a $1.6 billion budget hole without touching as much as $415,000 per episode in tax breaks that may be due to “Duck Dynasty.”

‘The A&E television reality show takes part in the nation’s most generous entertainment-tax credit program’.

‘Jindal is proposing no changes, arguing that reducing such breaks is tantamount to raising taxes’.

‘The state approves enough incentives each year to make up at least $200 million in proposed cuts that led Louisiana State University to say that it may plan for insolvency’.

You’re talking about between $200 million and $250 million a year that goes out the door to TV and film producers to come here and shoot their pictures, in a state where money is scarce,” said Jan Moller, director of the Louisiana Budget Project, which advocates policies that benefit low- and moderate-income people. “It’s irresponsible to let this part of the budget continue running amok at a time when they’re talking about closing college campuses.”
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