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Meet Republican Tom Cotton … a repost

Be a Seed for Change

Yes, this man was given a seat in Congress … the man and his Republican crew in Congress seem dangerous to our very democracy and how our Congress should function…

U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, you may remember, was a co-sponsor of the “Life at Conception Act,” a so-called personhood measure which would give full constitutional rights to each “preborn human person” at the “moment of fertilization. In addition to being a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade, the bill (likely unconstitutional) could ban certain forms of birth control such as IUDs or the morning-after pill. (It could also potentially force women into dangerous pregnancies and to deliver babies that can’t survive outside the womb, or force families in situations like this to keep a braindead woman on life support). COTTON: Co-sponsored bill that could ban certain forms of birth control. Click the graphic for the complete article  COTTON: Co-sponsored bill that could ban certain forms of birth control.


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The power of stupid ideas: ‘three generations that have never worked’

Excellent article!

Working-Class Perspectives

This month I ran a workshop with a group of first year undergraduate sociology students at Teesside University (in the North East of England). Our students tend to be from working-class or lower-middle class backgrounds and often the first in their families to go to university. I’d been invited to give an insight into a ‘real life’ research project, and I began by asking for responses and thoughts about some quotations:

‘Behind the statistics lie households where three generations have never had a job’ (ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, 1997).

‘…on some deprived estates…often three generations of the same family have never worked’ (Iain Duncan Smith, 2009; now British government Minister for Work and Pensions).

‘To reintroduce the culture of work in households where it may have been absent for generations’ (Universal Credit, Department of Work and Pensions, 2010; this is a document that introduces a very major…

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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

Best Sheldon Cooper Moment EVER!



"RUN!!!!!!" - credit amy oops

“RUN!!!!!!” – credit amy oops

A Cat From Down Under - credit bits and pieces

A Cat From Down Under – credit bits and pieces

Somebody doesn't want to leave the park - credit bits and pieces

Somebody doesn’t want to leave the park – credit bits and pieces

'Glockamole' - credit bits and pieces

‘Glockamole’ – credit bits and pieces



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The Clown Car – Republicans 2016 – ‘Ben Carson Unable To Answer Simple Question About His Tax Plan’

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If you really want to kill off what’s left of the middle class, do away with the income tax and inpose a ‘flat sales tax’.  The middle class and poor actually spend their incomes and a national sales tax would effectively make everyone making less then $100,000 – poor.

  1. ‘Dr. Ben Carson, now a Republican presidential candidate, has long proposed a “flat tax” for the country, citing the Bible’s tithing as his inspiration’.

‘But on Sunday, host Chris Wallace confronted Carson with tax experts, who found that to raise the same amount of revenue the federal government currently takes in, the government would have to impose a 20 percent tax across the board. (The Tax Policy Center argues it would have to be at least 25 percent.)

“Middle incomes would get a tax hike and wealthy families would get a tax cut,” Wallace explained’.

‘Carson countered that he simply didn’t “agree with that assessment.” He then admitted that according to the economists he’s consulted, if loopholes and deductions are eliminated, it would still have to be between 10 and 15 percent — but it wouldn’t be 20 percent’.

‘Wallace followed up by asking about low-income families, who not only don’t pay taxes, but usually receive an earned income tax credit instead’.

“Now you’ll have them pay 10 to 15 percent of income they have — or 20 percent if my experts are right. A lot of independent studies say the people that make like bandits in this are the wealthy.”

Carson could only then offer a vague explanation about how his tax plan is part of “an overall complex program” that involves “reorienting the way we do things in government.”
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Life In A Republican World – ‘Constitution Be Damned, North Carolina Commissioner Wants To Ban All But Christian Prayers’


‘Lincoln County, North Carolina may be in the heart of the Bible Belt, but, they are still part of the United States, a country that was founded on the idea that there is no established religion’.

  • ‘Rowan County, North Carolina was recently ordered to stop with its Christian-only prayers before its meetings because a judge found that it violated the Constitution’.

‘Carrol Mitchem, the Chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners uses some astonishingly ignorant reasoning to try to ban all but Christian prayers from his commission meetings’.

““There’s not a single house of worship in Lincoln County that isn’t Christian,” He said. “There’s no Muslim mosque, no Hindu (temple). I’m sure Rowan County is pretty much the same way…We have never said that we would limit it to one denomination or one religion. I just don’t know that there’s any Jewish pastors or anything like that in Lincoln County.”

“A Muslim? He comes in here to say a prayer, I’m going to tell him to leave,” Mitchem said. “I have no use for (those) people. They don’t need to be here praying to Allah or whoever the hell they pray to. I’m not going to listen to (a) Muslim pray.”


“We’re fighting Muslims every day. I’m not saying they’re all bad,” Mitchem said. “They believe in a different God than I do. If that’s what they want to do, that’s fine. But, they don’t need to be telling us, as Christians, what we need to be doing. They don’t need to be rubbing our faces in it.”
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