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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘Mitch McConnell Acts Like A Criminal By Offering Lie Filled Alibi For Iran Letter On CNN’

mcconnell on iran letter1

mcconnell on iran letter

Mitch McConnell :

I think this is a good case of selective outrage. I remember reading about Sen. Robert Byrd when he was the Senate Majority Leader flying to Moscow during the negotiations over the Salt II treaty explaining to the Russians the Senate’s role in treaty ratification, and John Kerry when he was a senator flew to Managua there and met with a communist dictator, Daniel Ortega, and accused the Reagan administration of engaging in terrorism”.


  • ‘The congressional delegation that went to Moscow was bipartisan’.
  • ‘Senate Republicans also went on the trip’.
  • ‘The trip to Moscow wasn’t designed to sabotage a president’.
  • ‘The Senators delivered a letter from President Reagan to Soviet leaders’.

‘Here is how the Chicago Tribune described Byrd’s Moscow trip’ :

“He (Sen. Byrd) said he will deliver a letter from Reagan to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Tuesday. The senators, he said, want to help the Reagan-Gorbachev summit meeting, set for November in Geneva, “in every way we can.`”
‘The Kerry trip was more controversial, but it different from what the 47 Republicans did because Kerry was engaged in a self-appointed fact-finding mission’.

  • ‘He wasn’t speaking for the Senate or threatening to undermine the president’.

‘On the Kerry example, the Boston Globe reported, Within weeks of taking office in 1985, he was off to Nicaragua, accompanied by reporters on a 36-hour, self-appointed fact-finding mission with another freshman, Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa’.

‘Congressional Democrats had accused the White House of exaggerating the communist threat posed by the Sandinista regime’.

‘So the two senators were publicly castigated when — just days after meeting with Daniel Ortega and other leaders of the regime — the Sandinistas climbed aboard a plane to Moscow to cement their Soviet ties.”
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