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First Word – Republicans Shrinking Government To Two Branches…Legislative and Jusicial

first word

obamas fault

If you read the Constitution, it’s the Executive Branch that deals with other Nations……NOT the Legislative Branch.

And just a week after bypassing the President and having a foriegn leader speak to a joint session of Congress.

But then Republicans think (encouraged by Republicans leaders and FOX news….the Republican Media outlet) that Obama is a Muslim and born in Kenya so he’s not a ‘real’ President.

More and more…….the Republican base is encouraged to believe that if you are not Republican, white, straight and christian….you’re not a ‘real’ American.

And it’s all Obama’s fault.

first word obamas fault

first word obamas fault1

‘Outrage over GOP’s letter to Iran’

‘A letter from Senate Republicans to Iran about the pending nuclear deal undermines President Obama’s authority to conduct foreign policy, the White House charged Monday’.

first word obamas fault2

‘The GOP letter, spearheaded by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), warns Iranian leaders that any agreement between Washington and Tehran could be voided by Congress and simply not upheld once Obama leaves the White House in 2017′.

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