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A Republican World – ‘Arizona Lawmaker: Americans Should Be Required To Attend Church On Sunday’

require church1

Wasn’t there something about ‘frredom of religion’ in the Bill Of Rights?

‘State Sen. Sylvia Allen (R) made the comment during a state Senate Appropriations Committee meeting on legislation concerning concealed weapons carry in public places, according to local TV station KNXV’.

And how we get back to a moral rebirth in this country, I don’t know since we are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity that we have,” Allen said, as quoted by KNXV’.

“Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth.”
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Corporations Are The Important People – ‘Wisconsin Eliminating Weekends Is Another Koch Idea For A Nation of Slave Labor’



Because no employer would corice an employee into working longer weeks with no days off……would they……

‘The latest Koch assault on workers’ rights is nearing fruition in Wisconsin with an anti-worker atrocity that eliminates weekends, or as the law’s sponsor likes to call it’;

‘a ‘paperwork reduction’ act’.

‘The legislation is a repeat of an attempt last year to wipe out weekends after Wisconsin’s largest business organization, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, introduced a version that the Republican legislature failed to pass because they ran out of time to enact it before the end of the session’.

The new law will give factory and retail employers the right to keep workers on the job for 7 straight days, and more, if the workers are “pressured” into “voluntarily agreeing” to give up their day(s) off’.
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Bring Your Boots…The Bull Shit Is Deep With This One – ‘Indiana Governor: New Law ‘Not About Discrimination’

Mike Pence

mike pence1

‘Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defended the new state law that’s garnered widespread criticism over concerns it could foster discrimination against gays and lesbians and said Sunday it wasn’t a mistake to have enacted it’.

‘Since the Republican governor signed the bill into law Thursday, Indiana has been widely criticized by businesses and organizations around the nation, as well as on social media with the hashtag #boycottindiana’.

mike pence

‘Already, consumer review service Angie’s List has said it will suspend a planned expansion in Indianapolis because of the new law’.

‘Pence did not answer directly when asked at least six times whether under the law it would be legal for a merchant to refuse to serve gay customers’.

“This is not about discrimination, this is about empowering people to confront government overreach,” he said’.

‘Asked again, he said, “Look, the issue here is still is tolerance a two-way street or not.”
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What Religious Republicans Do – ‘Indiana Restaurant Already Bragging About Discriminating Against Gay People Following ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill’

resturant in indiana1

resturant in indiana

resturant in indiana2


Signs of the Country Republicans want back…….

The owner of the business : “They can have their lifestyle and do their own thing in their own place or with people that want to be with them.”

‘Just days after Indiana’s republican legislature passed and its Republican governor, Mike Pence, signed a bill that would allow business owners to legally discriminate against gay people without repercussions, a restaurant owner called into a local radio show to proudly boast that he is already enjoying the benefits of protected intolerance’.

‘The business owner, who would not give his name or the name of his business, said he had told some LGBT “people” that equipment was broken in his restaurant and he couldn’t serve them even though it wasn’t and other people were already eating at the tables’.

“So, yes, I have discriminated,” he told RadioNOW 100.9 hosts. The hosts were surprised the owner said he was okay with discriminating’.

“Well, I feel okay with it because it’s my place of business, I pay the rent, I’ve built it with all my money and my doing. It’s my place; I can do whatever I want with it,” he said’.
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