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teabagger Alert!! – ‘Cowardly Rand Paul Caves, Bows Down, and Kisses The Ring of Dick Cheney’

rand paul15

What a coward….

Or maybe he’s just lying…..again.


KARL: “Do you really think that Cheney was motivated by his financial ties to Halliburton”.

PAUL: “I’m not questioning his motives”.

KARL: “Sure looked like you were questioning his motives”.

PAUL: “Well, here’s what I’m questioning, I don’t think Dick Cheney did it out of malevolence, I think he loves his country as much as I love the country…”

KARL: “But you said we don’t want our defense to be defined by people who make money off the weapons. Are you suggesting that’s why we went to war in Iraq”?

PAUL: “No. No”.

KARL: “That our defense was being defined by people who make money off weapons”?

PAUL: “No. And that’s why I’m also saying that I’m not questioning Dick Cheney’s motives”.

“There’s a chance for a conflict of interest. At one point in time, he was opposed going into Baghdad. Then he was out of office and involved in the defense industry and then he became for going into Baghdad”.
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