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First Word – Don’t Get Old


There is a reason I’m a Liberal.

My Mom.

She’s 97 1/2.

Raised during the Depression. Worked during WWII. Lost a daughter at birth.

Oh there is a lot, lot more to her life but the point being she has seen a good deal of life in her time.

Now at her age, she is fairly sharp mentally, still reads, does X word puzzles, a HUGE Seattle Mariner fan.

But she is 97 1/2. The body is slowly wearing down. She uses a walker (with help) to get around inside her home. A wheel chair(with help) to go out.

Only income is Social Security. Health care is Medicare and Sterling ($465 premium – yes per month). Get’s ‘extra help’ from the State of Washington that pays her Medicare premium and helps out on her prescriptions. Get’s food stamps (a whole $16 a month) and the State has just approved (Medicaid) her for 48 hours a month for a caregiver to come in.

Right now I am her caregiver and I’ll be honest the caregiver is as much to give me a ‘break’ as to help Mom.

So why does this make me a Liberal?

The Liberal FDR is the one to put Social Security in place and ever since he did and even to this day, Republicans want to cut Social Security so that the wealthy and corporations can have tax cuts and other subsidies.

The Liberal Lyndon Johnson pushed Medicare through. Republicans then and even today want to see it ‘wither on the vine’.

The Republicans would love nothing better then to cut Medicaid funding completely and cut SNAP (food stamps) if not completely, to the bare bones. (see Republicans drug testing for food stamps and welfare)

I’m a Liberal because Republicans want to privatize Social Security. My Mom is 97 1/2. How much money will you have to save to still have income if you live to 97 1/2?

I’m a Liberal because Republicans want to cut Medicare and Medicaid. We are the only industrialized Nation in the World that if you are poor or old and can not contribute to the workforce – Republicans don’t care if you die.

I am a Liberal because food stamps is not an ‘entitlement’. Food is food. Basic to human survival. The majority on food stamps are the elderly and children….the most vulnerable in our society.

I am a Liberal because people DO have the right to dignity. So when Republicans worship money on the altar of the backs to the elderly and poor, that insults me.

I am a Liberal because my Mom and all of the men and women who have worked, struggled, sacrificed have a right to dignity.

No one should have to beg for food, shelter, health care.






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One thought on “First Word – Don’t Get Old

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Then … I am very proud so say I am a LIBERAL too!!

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