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Debunking The Republican Lies – The ‘Cliven Bundy And Armed Militia As ‘patriots’ Edition – ‘Republican Senator Dean Heller: I never called Cliven Bundy ‘patriot’

cliven bundy1

sen dean heller

Except that you did …….

Today US Senator Dean Heller :

“I am very quick in calling American citizens ‘patriots,’” Heller said in an interview. “Maybe in this case, too quick.”

‘Heller added: “I want to make it very clear that I never called Bundy a patriot”.

And a whole 12 day ago US Senator Dean Heller :

What Sen. Reid may call domestic terrorists, I call patriots,” he said during the April 18 televised interview. “We have a very different view on this.”

Unles of course Senator that you were calling everybody BUT Cliven Bundy a ‘patriot’.

Maybe you were. Then in THAT case, you didn’t call Cliven Bundy a ‘patriot’.

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