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2016 Republicans

US president Barack Obama and New Jersey governor Chris Christie talk to hurricane Sandy victims

IN 2012, the theme was ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’.

In 2016, it may well be ‘Where’s Waldo’?

2012 was a circus for Republicans. With the heady
victory from 2010 mid terms, the doors were wide open
for the fringe.

Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick ‘The Dick’ Perry,
Donald Trump.

All of these people at one time or another were polling
30% + while the eventual ‘winner’ Mitt ‘I Lie Therefore
I Am’ Romney couldn’t get above 25% until half way
through the primaries.

That ‘headiness’ has been tempered somewhat by the
election. Republicans lost seats in the Senate, the
House and lost the White House due to what the public
saw as ‘extremism’ from the Republicans.

Republicans, is a 30 day period, ‘rebranded’.

More specificly, they tried (and are trying) to shut the crazies up while falling back on what was working – obstruction.

In Janurary, the Republican House had to pass the increase in the debt ceiling, VAWA and Sandy relief – ALL with Democratic votes.

After that, the House has shut down.


For a leader.

Not unlike the Democrats.

So here’s my list of the crazies and wanna be’s.

Senator Red Cruz.
Rand Paul really, really needs Ted because Ted makes Rand look normal. Ted may. may poll some what high in Iowa Rand is already linking up with his dad’s groups. I haven’t seen any polling but after the last 6 months – I wonder if Ted could be re-elected in Taxas?

Governor Bobby Jindal.
Let’s see, Bob by is stripping his State of social services, trying to shift the tax base to the poor and middle class and also trying to ‘teach’ creationism over science,
No one sees that as a ‘vision’.

Governor Scott Walker.
America isn’t Wisconson. Go back home and wait for another call from as Koch brother(GRINS!).

Representative Paul Ryan.
America sees balancing the budget on the backs of the poor and elderly as un-American.

Former Governor Rick Santorum.
Nope. We just aren’t a ‘Christian’ Nation Rick no matter how much you want to make us one.

The also rans……

Senator Marco Rubio.
He can’t make up his mind if he wants the support of the teabaggers or should he go moderate?
So with each passinbg day, looks like the child who can’t decide which toy to play with.

Former Governor Jeb Bush.
You waited too long. He could have joined with former Governor Jon Huntsman and made a real difference in 2012. Instead he sat on the sidelines and threw the occassional insult.
Go help your son get elected.

The contenders…..

Rand paul.
How could a flame throwing libertarian be a contender in the Republican Party?
Being a libertarian, you know the ‘secret’ teabagger hand shake. So with a wink and nod to them, you just don’t say anything too extreme.
You let Ted Cruz do that and it makes you seem like a normal person.
Now with research, the Democrats can tear your libertarism apart for middle America.
So the question becomes – can your fake normal stand up against a Republican who is ‘mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!’

Governor Chris Christie.
Can he wake up the moderate Reagan and Eisenhower Republicans?
If he wins big this November – he can.
With his very public acknowledgment and help from President Obama, combined with a history of statements against the extreme wing of the Republican Party, he sets himnself up as THE Republican that doesn’t want to take apart Government but rather work WITH Democrats for ALL Americans.
Add that to his weight loss and his very forceful personality (needs to be handled so he doesn’t offend) he will ‘look’ Presidential.

The election…..

republicans 2016

Hillary wins the Democratic nomination easily. Maybe selects Gov. Patrick Duval as he running mate.

Christie, is a hard fight, wins the Republican nomination.

Rand Paul splits off and tries a third party run.
Gets 10 to 15% of ther vote.

Christie and Hillary fight for the moderate swing voters.

Who wins?

Well now…..that’d be telling…….

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3 thoughts on “2016 Republicans

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Thank you FatherKane, for your wisdom and facts.

  2. I think Jeb Bush has every intention of running, but is being coy because he doesn’t want to trigger investigations of criminal activity that occurred in his party in his state under his watch (and probably under his direction or at least approval) during the 2000 presidential election giveaway. He is going to wait until the last minute, and when Democrats want to investigate that disgusting travesty of justice, the GOP will whine that the Dems are poor sports and fighting dirty and name calling.

    • Very possible. I think two things will stop him from advancing very far.
      That very election now has 2 Supreme Court Justices saying it was a mistake for them to decide the election and two, Jeb’s personality is so mush less then Christie’s or even Rand Pauls.
      Then you start throwing in his statements against the more radical grops in the GOP, being for immigration reform and then against it in just a matter of days……

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