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One Man’s Trash – Now who’s ‘covering up’ – ‘GOP cuts to embassy security draw scrutiny, jabs from Democrats’

cover up

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‘Republicans have sought to cut hundreds of millions of
dollars slated for security at U.S. embassies and
consulates since gaining control of the House in 2011’.

‘Democrats are scrutinizing the GOP proposals in the
wake of attacks on U.S. embassies and consulates in the
Middle East, one of which saw Ambassador to Libya
Christopher Stevens and three other Americans murdered’.

“This is a disturbing example of the Republicans’
meat-ax approach to cutting every aspect of the
government, no matter how essential,” said Senate
Democratic Policy Committee Chairman Charles Schumer
(N.Y.) in a statement to The Hill’.

‘Republicans hit back, saying the GOP-controlled House
has voted for money to ensure the safety of diplomatic
staff overseas, and accused Democrats of using last
week’s violence to score cheap political points’.

“It is extremely distasteful that some ill-informed
Democrat staff are using the instability and violence
abroad to score cheap political hits,” said Jennifer
Hing, communications director for the House
Appropriations Committee’.

Well Jennifer let’s just see what the numbers tell
us……Shall we?

‘Democrats enacted $1.803 billion for embassy security,
construction and maintenance for fiscal 2010, when they
still controlled the Senate and House’.

‘After Republicans took control of the House and picked
up six Senate seats, Congress reduced the enacted budget
to $1.616 billion in fiscal 2011, and to $1.537 billion
for 2012’.

‘The administration requested $1.801 billion for
security, construction and maintenance for fiscal 2012;
House Republicans countered with a proposal to cut
spending to $1.425 billion’.

‘The House agreed to increase it to $1.537 billion after
negotiations with the Senate’.

‘The administration requested $1.654 billion for the
State Department’s Worldwide Security Protection program
for fiscal 2012’.

‘House Republicans proposed funding the program at
$1.557 billion. Congress eventually enacted $1.591
billion after the Senate weighed in’.

‘For fiscal 2013, the administration requested $2.15
billion in funding for the worldwide security protection
program, a larger increase from the previous year’.

‘The House countered with a proposal to increase the
program to $1.934 billion’.
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‘GOP Star Witnesses Debunk Right-Wing Benghazi Conspiracy Theories’

darrel issa

Now what exactly is being ‘covered up’?

‘The “whistleblowers” at today’s House Oversight Committee hearing on what really happened in Benghazi, Libya last September were supposed to break the dam that would lead to President Obama’s eventual downfall, in the eyes of conservatives. Instead, these witness actually served to debunk several theories that the right-wing has pushed on Benghazi, leaving the hearing a fizzle for the GOP’:

1. ‘F-16s could have been sent to Benghazi’

‘Part of the prevailing theory surrounding the events the night of the Benghazi attacks is that the Obama administration did not do enough militarily to respond to the crisis. Gregory Hicks — a Foreign Service Officer and the former Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya — claimed during his pre-hearing testimony that fighter jets could have been flown over Benghazi, preventing the second wave of the attack from occurring’.

‘Ranking Member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) questioned that statement, asking Hicks whether he disagreed with Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Gen Martin Dempsey’s assessment that no air assets were in range the night of the attack’.

‘Hicks didn’t disagree, saying he was “speaking from [his] perspective” and what “veteran Libyan revolutionaries” told him, rather than Pentagon assessments’.

2. ‘Hillary Clinton signed cables denying additional security to Benghazi’

‘House Republicans came to the conclusion in their interim report on Benghazi that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied to them about what she knew and when during her testimony this January. This includes her statement that at no time was she aware of requests for additional security at the diplomatic facility in Benghazi prior to the attack’.

‘Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) used her time to take issue with this claim, asking all three witnesses about standard protocol for cables leaving the State Department’.

‘ All three agreed with Maloney, that the Secretary of State’s name is placed at the bottom of all outgoing cables and telegrams from Foggy Bottom, whether the Secretary has viewed them or not, shooting down the GOP claim’.

3. ‘A Special Forces Team that could have saved lives was told to stand down’

‘One of the most shocking reveals in the lead-up to today’s hearing was that a team of Special Forces in Tripoli were told not to deploy to Benghazi during the attack. That decision has led to an uproar on the right, including claims of dereliction of duty towards Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey for not taking actions that could have saved lives’.

‘During questioning, Hicks confirmed that the team was ready to be deployed —

‘Not to join the fighting at the CIA annex — but “to secure the airport for the withdrawal of our personnel from Benghazi after the mortar attack.”

‘Hicks also confirmed that it was the second such team to be readied for deployment, with the first having proceeded to Benghazi earlier’.

‘Despite the second team not deploying, the staff was all evacuated first to Tripoli, then to Germany, within 18 hours of the attack taking place’.

4. ‘The State Department’s Accountability Review Board isn’t legitimate’

‘Republicans have been attacking the State Department’s official in-house review of the shortcomings seen before, during, and after the assault in Benghazi’.

‘That criticism prompted House Republicans to write their own report. When asked point blank about the recommendations of the Board, however, the witnesses didn’t cooperate with the GOP narrative’.

“Absolutely,” Eric Nordstrom, the Regional Security Officer for Libya prior to the assault in Benghazi, answered when asked if he believes implementing the recommendations would improve security. “I had an opportunity to review that along with other two committee reports. I think taken altogether, they’re fairly comprehensive and reasonable.”

‘Hicks, when questioned, said that while he had some issues with the process by which the Board gathered its information, he demurred on criticizing the report itself’.
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READ: State Department’s Accountability Review Board (ARB) Report on Benghazi Attack



Now what exactly is being ‘covered up’?

Hillary Clinton – “What does it matter”

hillary clkinton

The congressman tells her that the ‘American people are being deceived’ because it was a terrorist group and not a mob inspired by the film, referring to the comments made by Susan Rice.

Now tell me the names of the previous administrations that didn’t alter talking points and even change opinions or directions after more information was collected.

So what exactly is being ‘covered up’?

Benghazi – “Act of Terror”

acto of terror

Now what exactly is being ‘covered up’?

‘Benghazi Again’

benghazi again

Now what exactly is being ‘covered up’?

‘by Joe Klein’:
“The Republicans, apparently with nothing better to do, are still chasing their tails over the tragic events in Benghazi on September 11”.
“Actually, no. That’s not true”.
“They’re chasing their tails over what happened after the tragic events of September 11”.
“They’re mostly concerned that the Obama Administration tried to cover up the fact that this was a terrorist attack by a local militia (translation: local street gang) which aspired toward bad-butt Al Qaeda status”.
“This is a pretty hard sell since, the day after the attack, the President called it an ‘act of terror.'”
“I suspect they won’t be a viable political party until they begin to focus on substance rather than emptiness.”From :

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