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The Donald Trump Dark Age Of Fake News – Why America Is Failing….Faster Then We Expected – ‘Shocking New Poll Shows That A Vast Majority Of Trump Voters Live In Another Reality’



This goes beyond FOX lying for years but FOX does need to take credit for providing an outlet for an alternate reality where Democrats are evil.


‘When asked by PPP whether Trump protesters are being paid by George Soros, 73 percent of the incoming president’s supporters said yes’.

‘Fifty-three percent think that votes in the state of California should not be included in the popular vote tally’.

‘A new PPP poll unveiled on MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ Thursday showed just how out of touch Donald Trump’s supporters are with the real world’.

‘On a slew of questions about simple facts, a large chunk – and, in some cases, strong majorities – of Trump supporters are simply living in a different reality’.


‘Nearly 40 percent of the president-elect’s supporters believe the stock market has gone down under President Obama, despite the fact that it’s nearly doubled during Obama’s tenure’.

‘Trump supporters are also living in an alternate reality with respect to the unemployment rate. Even though the jobless number has gone from 7.8 percent in January 2009 to 4.6 percent last month, a whopping 67 percent of Trump voters think it’s actually increased’.

‘Forty percent of Trump fans also believe that Hillary Clinton lost the popular vote, despite her margin over Trump exceeding 2.7 million votes’.

‘An even greater percentage – 60 percent – think “millions” of people illegally cast their ballots for the former Secretary of State’.

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4 thoughts on “The Donald Trump Dark Age Of Fake News – Why America Is Failing….Faster Then We Expected – ‘Shocking New Poll Shows That A Vast Majority Of Trump Voters Live In Another Reality’

  1. I have written posts, emails and letter to the editors which simply ask the following question “What country are you talking about?” The one I live jives with the real statistics you cite. But, with the reasonable success that has occurred under this President, without the consistent support of Congress, the facts were not working in the GOP’s favor. So, if the facts don’t work, make up your own.

    Truth be told, this imperfect President will be remembered far better than the GOP wants you to believe and not as well as Democrats had hoped.

    • I think history will look at the Obama’s as the best example of a real American family followed by a family of con artists and that difference will be so stark that it may, may teach us a lesson.
      But I’m not holding my breath. The level of corruption that I see coming from not just the Family abusing their positions and foreknowledge but also in the administration.
      Powerful business leaders are use to doing things their way – add weak oversight from Trump and Republicnas and we will see mini corrupt kingdoms set up in cabinet posts.

      • Agreed. Wilbur Ross has let many a people go for his gain, so he is no saint. The same folks that The Donald says he is going to help. Of course, The Donald screwed those kinds of folks over routinely, too.

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