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Donald Trump’s Corruption Of America – ‘Trump’s Air Force One tweet appears to be retaliation against Boeing for hurting his fee-fees’


‘In any event, a mere twenty minutes or so after the Tribune story about a Boeing executive criticizing him was published, Trump suddenly found a strong opinion over one particular Boeing contract, declared it “out of control,” and demanded it be canceled’.

‘For the record, our president-elect is completely unfit for office. Today he tweeted a demand that the eventual replacements for the current Air Force One, the president’s two dedicated aircraft, be canceled’.

‘Several things are wrong with this’.

‘First, he’s (once again) lying’.

‘Costs aren’t $4 billion’.

‘The planes aren’t even being built yet’.

‘What exists right now are contracts for $169 million to design the replacements, because the current planes reach the end of their expected 30 year lifespan next year’.

‘Even going according to schedule, the new planes won’t be ready for five years after that’.

‘But why did Donald Trump suddenly take to Twitter to denounce Boeing for an “out of control” “$4 billion” contract for a replacement Air Force One’?

‘What appears to have happened is that earlier this morning, the Chicago Tribune published a story reporting that a Boeing executive had some skeptical things to say about Donald Trump’.

‘We already know that Trump obsessively scans the news for critical mentions of himself. (We also know that he reacts to news he sees with immediate tweeted policy proposals, as when he Twitter-mused about stripping citizenship from Americans who might burn a flag as an apparent response to a Fox & Friends segment on flag burning that had aired just beforehand. The man is a child.)

‘The result was a new out-of-nowhere presidential demand, and a sudden nosedive for Boeing’s stock’.

Now THAT’S how you make America great……..

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