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Debunking The Republican Media (FOX) Lies – ‘Why Fox ‘News’ Can’t Be Taken Seriously In One Image’


fox news lies

When are 160 airstrikes NOT a military action?

When FOX ‘news’ reports it……….


From :

A Republican World & Republicans 2016 – ‘Walker Wants To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients’

scott walker3

‘Florida didn’t save money by drug testing welfare recipients, data shows'(1)
Florida’s Welfare Drug Testing Law Struck Down by Federal Appeals Court’(2)
‘Welfare Drug Testing Catches Only 12 Users In Utah’(3)
‘Georgia won’t enforce law on food stamp drug testing’(4)
‘Wisconsin under Walker loses 18,000 jobs a year’(5)

Yeah. Let’s blame the poor, hungry people instead of creating jobs.

Real Presidential timber in Scott Walker……


drug test food stamps2

‘Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has proposed drug tests for recipients of food stamp and unemployment benefits, even though the requirement would violate federal law’.

‘The governor, who is fending off Democratic challenger Mary Burke in a close re-election race, released a long proposal including plans for his next term’.

‘In an interview with the Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel, Walker said he realized that establishing a drug test requirement would not be in line with the federal government’s stance’.

We believe that there will potentially be a fight with the federal government and in court,” he said. “Our goal here is not to make it harder to get government assistance; it’s to make it easier to get a job.”
From :


(1) :
“The findings — that only 108 of the 4,086 people who took a drug test failed”.

(2) :
“But the appeals court ruled today to uphold a 2011 decision by an Orlando district court to enjoin the Florida law on the grounds that it violates the 4th amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure”.

“The simple fact of seeking public assistance does not deprive a TANF applicant of the same constitutional protection from unreasonable searches that all other citizens enjoy,” the court wrote in its ruling today”.

(3) :

(4) :

“All it takes is one good guy with a gun……” – ‘Responsible Gun Owner Charged After 7 Y.O. Shoots Herself Playing With Mommy’s Gun’

gun nut child

gun nuts2

What kinad of a ‘parent’ leaves a gun out so a 7 year old can get at


Three things.

This ‘parent’ should have their children taken away.

They should not be allowed to be around childredn under 18.

They should never be allowed to own a gun again.


‘The Charlotte Observer reports that Heather Nicole Davenport, 27,
was arrested Saturday and charged with failure to properly secure a
weapon after her 7-year-old daughter shot herself in the hand while
playing with a gun that Davenport owned’.

‘The shooting allegedly happened while Davenport was asleep.
Davenport said that her two daughters, 7 and 5-years old, found the
loaded firearm and while “playing” with it, the gun went off’.

‘Davenport drove her daughter to the hospital after the shooting’.

‘The police said they were called about 1:15 p.m. by the Caroline
Medical Center staff members, who told the them that they were
treating a girl with a gunshot wound’.

The injury was not life-threatening, however, the Department of
Social Services and Child Protective Services were notified by
From :

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WHAT THE F&^% FRIDAY – A Republican Christian Nation World – ‘Conservatives Claim 9/11 Attacks a Direct Result of Legalizing Abortion in 1973′

Please don’t vote or vote Republican because I really, really
want two years of this……

‘According to Raw Story, that’s exactly what a rabbi Jonathan
Cahn did on Sid Roth’s ‘It’s Supernatural’ show, explaining
that the attacks were God’s judgment upon America’.

‘Cahn discussed “the year of the Shemitah,’ which he says is a
year that comes every seven years in which God renders an
opinion on the moral health of a nation’.

‘Cahn says that the towers were attacked “at the peak of the
Shemitah, the last week, the day of nullifying – and actually,
the collapse of the towers creates the collapse of Wall Street,
which means the timing of 9/11 was determined by the mystery of
the Shemitah.”


“The Shemitah can also mean the fall of a nation, and guess
what happened in 1973?” Cahn asked. “America decides to
legalize the killing of unborn children. And that year is the
same year America loses its first war – Vietnam. And yet that
same year, you have the World Trade Center (being completed).”
From :

A Republican World – ‘Top GA Election Official Warns Dems Are Registering ‘All These Minority Voters’

whites only

‘Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R) warned that
Democrats were registering minority voters’ :

“In closing I just wanted to tell you, real quick, after we get
through this runoff, you know the Democrats are working hard,
and all these stories about them, you know, registering all
these minority voters that are out there…..”

From :

“All it takes is one good guy with a gun…..” – ‘Colorado GOP Candidate Questions Whether Sandy Hook Occurred’

sandy hook

If you’re a Republican and a gun nut, just create a ‘reality’
where mass murders like Sandy Hook just didn’t happen……

This guy?

A complete, low life, scum bag.

ready gun nut

‘Pueblo County Commissioner Candidate Dr. Tom Ready (R)
questions if the Sandy Hook Shootings actually occurred’.

‘His Quote':

“There is some question whether it really happened Sal (Pace),
(booing taking place) some people in the videos, thank you very
much, if you recall there was a picture of a man walking in who
was smiling and joking when he walked into the room he turned
around and suddenly had tears. I question that.”
From :

But It’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Sens. Cruz, Lee pledge to block lame-duck bills’





Don’t vote.

Let the Republicans take control of the Senate.

This is the America you’ll get…..


‘Two GOP senators have vowed to stall any nonemergency
legislation taken up in the lame-duck session later this year’.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) warned
Democrats that trying to muscle through any substantial
legislation after the midterm elections would do lasting harm
to the chamber. They said they would vote against any unanimous
consent agreements on nonemergency legislation after Election

Cruz is also publically pushing his House colleagues to oppose
a continuing resolution to fund the government until mid-
December, which would require lawmakers to reconvene after the

“Americans cannot trust politicians they can no longer hold
accountable at the ballot box,” Cruz said in a statement
Wednesday night. “The Continuing Resolution should, at a
minimum, fund government operations until after the new
Congress is sworn in next year.”
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