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Debunking The Conservative Liars – Part 2 – A Conversation With A WordPress Idiot


Now all of this started with this post I made -

‘The Dumbing Down Of The Republican Party – ‘One Chart Explains Fox News’s Obsession With Gruber-Gate’

@ :

Here….here is the first comment Keith responded with that made me say to myself….What An Idiot.

Keith – “So instead of addressing their claim that the ACA was immoral, unjustly passed, and lacked transparency; you choose to focus on the number of times one of the words was said by Fox”?

Now for today, I’m going to put aside the number of times FOX reported on this vs CNN and MSNBC (Fox – 779, CNN – 27 and MSNBC – 79) and I’ll get into ‘unjustly passed’ legislation at a later date as well as the ‘lacked transparency’ claim.

Today, what made me say to myself – What An Idiot’ was Keith writing that, and I quote - ” the ACA was immoral”.

When I asked Keith to explain that his response was and again I quote - “If giving people access to free products and services is moral, you must justify not just socialist health care, but communism”.

You’d also have to justify Christianity, Buddhism and hundreds of other religions..

To Keith and many, many fringe freak conservatives – food banks would be immoral.

Giving shelter to the poor and homeless is immoral.

Sheltering  and protecting battered women and children is immoral.

As I told Keith, if he claimed to be a christian, which I don’t know if he is or not, he’s better change his opinion or Jesus WILL bitch slap him to Hell.

The insanity, the stupidity of saying that providing health care – yes for free- is immoral simple can not be debated.

But Keith added – ”  Its not ‘giving’ when the government takes its money from those producing goods by force; just as no government has been responsible for improving health care conditions, a free market is preferred in the allocation of goods once expensive, to those in lower income brackets”.

The Government does not ‘take by force’ except form those refusing to obey the laws of a civilized society.

And as to the second sentence – the rest of the industrialized nations having socialized medicine would be the argument to disprove that.

America is the only industrialized Nation that puts profit above providing health care.




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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

The Big Bang Theory – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

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The bobcat didn’t know I was there… For almost a minute.











The Day in a Quote


HATE – How Republicans Will Govern – ‘Republican Rep. Mo Brooks Calls For President Obama to Be Sent To Prison for Five Years’


Republican Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama thinks they can send President Obama to prison for 5 years for doing what every other modern president has done by taking executive action on immigration reform’.

‘Brooks said there is a federal statute (“I don’t have the citation for it at the tip of my tongue”) making it a felony to aid, abet, or entice a foreigner to illegally enter the U.S’.

“At some point, you have to evaluate whether the president’s conduct aids or abets, encourages, or entices foreigners to unlawfully cross into the United States of America,” he continued. “That has a five-year in-jail penalty associated with it.”

  • Brooks isn’t sure on what grounds impeachment proceedings might be justified because he hasn’t seen the outlines of the president’s actions yet’.

    “I don’t know what he’s going to do yet,” he continued. “Until we see what he’s going to do, it is difficult to say whether he is violating a civil statute or violating a criminal statute.”
  • “But he’s black so I’m sure he’s guilty.”

‘What you are seeing here is just the tip of the crazy-berg heading your way’.

‘Now that Republicans have discovered that they can’t defund Obama’s executive orders (thereby nullifying an election and his rights as president), they are stuck going into full on freak out mode’.
From :

FEAR – How Republicans Will Govern – ‘GOPer Coburn: ‘You Could See Violence’ Over Immigration Executive Order’

sen tom1

sen tom

‘Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) warned that if President Barack Obama does take executive action on immigration “you could see violence.”

“The country’s going to go nuts, because they’re going to see it as a move outside the authority of the president, and it’s going to be a very serious situation,” Coburn said in an interview with USA Today. “You’re going to see —hopefully not— but you could see instances of anarchy…. You could see violence.”
From :

HATE – How Republicans Will Govern – ‘Incoming Nevada Speaker Said Democrats Have ‘Master-Slave’ Relationship With ‘Simple Minded Darkies’


‘Nevada Assemblyman Ira Hansen (R), who the assembly’s Republican caucus selected as their choice to be its next speaker earlier this month’.

“[t]he relationship of Negroes and Democrats is truly a master-slave relationship, with the benevolent master knowing what’s best for his simple minded darkies.”

“[t]he lack of gratitude and the deliberate ignoring of white history in relation to eliminating slavery is a disgrace that Negro leaders should own up to.”

“been keeping a rough tally on homosexual/heterosexual molesters as reported locally”
“and roughly half of all molestations involve homosexual men preying on boys.”

‘As the News Review notes, “Hansen gave no details, nor did he publish his list, nor did he explain how he knew the sexuality of the alleged molesters.”

‘When incoming assembly members are sworn in, Republicans will enjoy a 25-17 majority over Democrats, all but ensuring that their choice for the speaker’s chair will preside over the chamber’.
From :

FEAR – How Republicans Will Govern – ‘Kansas Secretary of State warns Obama might be promoting anti-white ‘ethnic cleansing’

kansas sec

‘The anti-immigrant Secretary of State for Kansas agreed with a caller on his radio program that a Hispanic majority might conduct “ethnic cleansing” against whites’.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach warned listeners during Sunday’s program that Democrats were “replacing American voters with newly legalized aliens” to create “a locked-in vote for socialism,” reported Right Wing Watch’.
From :

One Man’s Trash…… – ‘Palin-Robertson 2016? Sarah Palin Meets With Duck Dynasty Clan’


palin duck

Nothing says uniting like meeting with a homophobic  pedophile.

And then ‘insanely idiotic’ -

‘In fairness, Sarah Palin seemed to be more interested in promoting a book than talking politics’.

‘Still, when some of the country’s most off-the-cuff and extreme political personalities get together, it raises a few eyebrows and causes some of her fans to speculate on a 2016 run’.

‘In fact, despite the fact Palin only jabbered on about food, many of her fans responded with ‘Palin for President’ or asked when she was going to declare her candidacy for the White House’.

‘Some, like Nedra Beckham even suggested that the meeting might yield the perfect GOP pairing for the next Presidential run’.

“How about a ticket with the Robertsons and Palins in 2016?” she asked, with no hint of how scary that truly sounds to the rest of us’.
From :

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