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The Day in Massive Stupid – ‘A Powerball Reimbursement Go Fund Me Page Has Been Created’


This is the perfect example of an idiot’s ‘get rich quick’ plan.

I ‘lost’ all my money buying lottery tickets so now I can’t afford to go home.

Come on America – let’s fund an idiot.

‘A woman by the name of Cinnamon Nicole from Cordova, TN has raised a little more than $800 in seven hours via her Powerball Reimbursement Go Fund Me page’.

‘Nicole alleges to have spent all of her money on purchasing tickets with the assumption she would win the $1.6 billion jackpot, but soon realized the winning tickets were sold in Los Angeles, Florida and Tennessee suburbs’.

‘Despite the chances of anyone winning the jackpot being 1 in 292.2 million, Nicole still decided to go big, and unfortunately now can’t go home because she allegedly doesn’t have any money’.

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