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Trump’s latest US corporate Twitter target: General Motors — WBAY

Leadership by threat……..

DETROIT (AP) – In another tweet targeting a U.S. company, President-elect Donald Trump is threatening to slap a tax on General Motors for importing compact cars to the U.S. from Mexico. But GM makes the vast majority of compact Chevrolet Cruzes in Lordstown, Ohio, near Cleveland. Trump tweeted early Tuesday that GM is sending Mexican-made…

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Industrial-Strength Stupid


Famous My Little Pony fact-checker and Hair Führer’s press secretary Sean Spicer on the Sunday Talkies trying to deflect the Russian hack of the 2016 Goat Rodeo: “Why aren’t we talking about …

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Donald Trump’s Corruption Of America – A New Swamp


Something to think about …. “Remembering the past …. lessons learned? …. Wondering …. “!! — It Is What It Is

~~November 18, 2016~~ NEED I EXPLAIN WHAT THIS NUMBERS ARE? I want to think that even the younger generations know what these numbers are. Sure hope that this nation isn’t headed down that road. These are scary and uncertain times. HortyRex© TATTOOS AND NUMBERS THE SYSTEM OF IDENTIFYING PRISONERS AT AUSCHWITZ During the Holocaust, concentration […]

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Midday Palate Cleanser

Anyone know where this club is? Asking for a friend.

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How To Deflect: Kellyann Conway Presents A Master Class


The Death of the Media With a mighty squirt of ink, the giant squid Kellyann manages to avoid answering the interviewer’s question about why Steve Bannon will not be interviewed by the press:…

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IMPORTANT!!! – ‘Today we’re focused on helping Howard Dean be selected for DNC Chair’.

‘On Sunday seven people will select the next DNC Chair. We need everyone here to call or email those seven people and advocate for Howard Dean and the fifty State Strategy – before Sunday. Contact info is provided at the link’.

For the love of the Democratic Party, Please don’t go hard left.

We have been there trice in my lifetime and it does not end well.

Tengrain lent me keys to the thunderbolt grease-slapper and now my plans to rule the world can finally be put into motion. It’s taken me 35 years but now nothing can stop me. I have guest pri…

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Trump TeeVee Pop Quiz!


OK, Scissorheads, you’ve been asking for a Pop Quiz in re: Trump TeeVee, but we’re gonna mix it up a little.

Because we know Trump names everything after himself, well, the Trump News Network seems like a forgone conclusion.That said, the REAL snark-a-palooza is going to be around the programming of TNN.

So here’s your Quiz:Name the three prime-time shows you expect to see on Trump News Network, and (if appropriate) who will star in them.

Example:6:00 PM Brown-Nosing with Sean Hannity7:00 PM Russia’s Funniest Home Videos with Vladimer Putin8:30 PM Prepping! With Rudy Giuliani

Alternate Quiz:Describe a pilot show for TNN and who it will star. Example:Make Room for Donnie: Donald Trump learns about Ivanka’s friendship with Huma Abedin; Melania goes on a shopping spree for her pussy cat; the boys grow Hitler mustaches.

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“What Do You Have To Lose?” – Declaration of DEPENDENCE?

trump-religion5Get Off The Cross, Someone Else Needs The Wood So what has the Theocrats panties in a twist today? Could it be, oh, I dunno… FREEDOM? And for those of you who don’t want to click the li…

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Chuck Todd: benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI!!1!

Jeebus, you miserable, weak-chinned pea-brain, you really want to go there? How many thousands of hours of testimony and millions of dollars needs to be spent before Republican hacks (like you, Chu…

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