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Why America Is Failing – ‘Koch Brothers Summon Four GOP Candidates’



“Four leading GOP presidential candidates – Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker – are traveling to a Southern California luxury hotel in coming days to make their cases directly to the Koch brothers and hundreds of other wealthy conservatives planning to spend close to $1 billion in the run-up to the 2016 election,” Politico reports’.


Bush is the only on e who actually has credible policies – very bad policies for the middle class – but actual policies.

The others only have sound bites to feed red meat to the base.

$1 Billion Dollars for who ever kisses the Koch asses better.

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The Day in a Quote


Living In A Republican World – ‘How The 2016 Republican Candidates Would Deal With Millions Of Americans Losing Their Health Plans’

health care8

republican health care1
So after almost 7 years – here’s what a large field of Republicns Presidential candidates have come up with –

first word2

Jeb Bush : ‘When Obamacare took effect, Florida had the second highest uninsured rate in the country, and Bush has yet to prove how he would help those in his home state who lose their subsidies’.

Ted Cruz : ‘Cruz has argued that Americans need an alternative that would lower costs, opening insurance markets across state lines could actually lead to higher premiums, among other issues’.

Scott Walker : ‘Instead of offering up his own alternative, Walker has said he will leave it to Washington to come up with a fix’.

Chris Christie : ‘Christie opted not to set up an exchange in his state, so more than 172,000 New Jersey residents would lose their subsidies. But while he has said that “Obamacare is a failure, it’s always been a failure and it will not succeed,” he has also been unable to propose an alternative. While the high court’s decision is imminent, Christie recently said he needs more time to think on the issue’.

Rand Paul : ‘ When pressed in the interview to explain why he’d want to revert to the old American system in which many more people were uninsured, Paul suggested that there is always charity’.

Marco Rubio : ‘ People would be provided refundable tax credits to buy insurance to solve the short-term dilemma of millions of people living without insurance’.
‘He has not detailed how the tax credits would be structured and uniform credits would reduce subsidies for low-income Americans’.

Ben Carson: ‘The former neurosurgeon penned an op-ed in 2013 in which he called for health savings accounts to replace the health care law’.
‘In reality, though, health savings accounts are likely to increase the number of uninsured and increase health care costs while costing taxpayers billions of dollars’.

Bobby Jindal: ‘Louisiana also failed to set up an exchange and is facing an impending healthcare disaster. As many as 250,000 Louisianans could lose their coverage’.
‘But Jindal has maintained that “When the subsidies go away, the individual mandate goes away, the employer mandate goes away. That’s a great thing. That’s a tax cut.”
‘Jindal’s plan would involve throwing out the health care law entirely and eliminating the individual mandate while starting a $100 billion federal grant to states to subsidize premiums for low-income people’.
‘Democrats have said his plan, like other Republicans’, would result in millions of Americans being uninsured’.
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Republican Clown Car 2016 – ‘Ted Cruz Requires Background Check Before Letting Supporters Shoot With Him’


ted cruz on 2nd amendment

So we can’t have any laws requiring back ground checks but Ted can……….
‘Following the Sandy Hook tragedy, Cruz sent a letter to Harry Reid promising to “filibuster any legislation that undermines the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

‘Cruz, in a quest for donations, launched a “shooting excursion” for his presidential campaign’.

‘But there’s a catch: the winner may have to endure a background check first’.

‘TPM found the requirement in the fine print’.

“Sponsor may, at its option, conduct a background check on each potential winner”.

Republicans 2016 – ‘Ted Cruz Reveals He Has No Idea What Taxes Are For — Or That They Pay His Salary’

ted cruz25

ted cruz tax day

‘Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took it upon himself to make some Tax Day remarks. Too bad he doesn’t seem to realize a whole heck of a lot about them’.

Ted Cruz :

“Americans are giving too much of their income to fund too many wasteful government programs”.

Here are some of the “wasteful government programs” :


Social Security

United States Military

The National Guard

The VA


Fire Rescue

Making sure air is clean, water is drinkable,
and food is edible

The Postal Service

G.I. Bill

Public Transportation

Flight safety

Patent Protection


FDIC insured bank deposits

Public Libraries

Infrastructure so the “free market” can thrive

‘I wonder if Cruz would want us to cut any of these things’:

  • His salary
  • United States Military
  • Subsidies to the wealthy for the most absurd
  • $8.6 million per day to Israel
  • Billions in oil subsidies per year
  • Billions in farm subsidies

‘The Obamacare HE SIGNED UP FOR — although, he probably makes enough thanks to our tax
dollars that he doesn’t need subsidies himself’.
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Republicans And A Christian Nation – ‘Ted Cruz Threatens To Take Away The Supreme Court’s Power To Decide Marriage Equality Cases’

ted cruz anti marriage bill

religious right

Have you ever noticed that if a Republican is against something…….it doesn’t matter what it is…..then that thing is ‘illegal’, ‘lawless’ or ‘unconstitutional’.

The great news for the Nation is that Ted will force the rest of the Republicans to go further right on issues, imposing a Christian moral standard on everyone.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – ‘On his first Iowa stop as a presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz warned Wednesday that a Supreme Court ruling to legalize gay marriage nationwide would be “fundamentally illegitimate.”

“Religious liberty is not some fringe view. It is the basis of this country,” he said. He blamed gay rights activists and Democrats for the recent uproar over an Indiana law that would protect businesses who refuse to provide certain services on religious grounds’.

“Because of their partisan desire to mandate gay marriage everywhere in this country, they also want to persecute anyone who has a good faith religious belief that marriage is a holy sacrament, the union of one man and one woman and ordained as a covenant by God,” he said’.

“Every one of us is concerned about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision likely coming in June,” he said. “The first thing and I think the most important thing every one of us can do, is pray. Lift up in prayer.”

“If the court tries to do this it will be rampant judicial activism. It will be lawlessness, it will be fundamentally illegitimate,” he said’.
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How Republicans Will Govern…..Not Show Up For Hearings – ‘Cruz MIA at Armed Services hearings’

ted cruz misses hearings

And he wants to be President…….

Ted Cruz thunders about what he calls a “fundamentally unserious” U.S. defense policy, but when he had a chance to weigh in during Senate Armed Services Committee hearings, he rarely showed up’.

‘Cruz, who announced last week he’s running for president, has the committee’s worst attendance record — by far’.

The Texas Republican attended just three of the panel’s 16 public hearings so far this year, according to a POLITICO review of transcripts from full committee hearings’.

‘The average committee member attended 13 of the 16 hearings, and Cruz is the only one of the panel’s 26 members with an attendance rate below 50 percent’.
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Debunking Ted Cruz’s Lies – ‘Cruz vows to shun negative campaigning’

ted cruz

ted cruz character assisan o fcuck

“There may be other candidates who choose to throw rocks in my direction,” the GOP presidential hopeful said in an interview aired Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I’m not going to engage in the personal mudslinging, in the negative attacks on people’s character.”(1)

If he doesn’t go negative…….he has never offered anything positive… he would have no campaign.

This is the only thing you need to know about Ted Cruz’s ‘character’…..or lack of.

Teabagging Sen Ted Cruz Charges War Veteran Chuck Hagel With Ties To Iran

(1) :

Debunking Ted Cruz Lies – ‘Ted Cruz Wants You To Believe He’s Legally Required To Sign Up For Obamacare. He’s Not’


ted cruz lies

‘Cruz framed the decision as one of inevitability’.

After all, a provision of the law requires members of Congress and some of their staff to purchase coverage through the law’s marketplace in DC and since his wife and current coverage provider is giving up her employer-sponsored plan to work on his presidential campaign, the family needed to enroll in a new policy’.

But in the real World…….

  • ‘The Affordable Care Act does not compel members of Congress to enroll in DC’s health care exchange’;
  • ‘It simply cuts off the government contribution to their insurance plans if they buy their policies elsewhere’.

Ted would actually have to P-A-Y for his insurance.


“The final rule extends a Government contribution towards health benefits plans for Members of Congress and designated congressional staff so long as the health benefits plans are purchased via the appropriate SHOP as determined by the Director,” a summary of the final rule says’.

Nothing in the final rule or the law prevents a Member of Congress or designated congressional staff from declining a Government contribution for him or herself by choosing a different option for their health insurance coverage.”
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