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The Great (cough) Republican ‘mandate’


This is what we don’t hear on the news. There is no mandate. Instead Democrats are in disarray. Republicans take charge. Donald Trump is normal. 


Republicans lost 6 seats in the House…..

Republicans lost 2 seats in the Senate…..

Trump will end up with close to 2 million votes less then Hillary….

And you have a mandate?

In what World is that a mandate?
Laughing My Ass Off – this is starting to get embarrassing. What a con job Trump pulled off.

By the time it’s all done, Hillary will have over 1 Million and closer to 2 million more votes then Trump.

He will be our President but a lame duck President. A sad little 2nd choice of the American people.

Tuesday popular vote count
U.S. Total
Clinton 61,886,913 – +972,083
Trump 60,914,830
Monday popular vote count
U.S. Total
Clinton 61,337,682 – + 755,523
Trump 60,582,159

Sunday popular vote count
U.S. Total
Clinton 61,292,712 + 727,569
Trump 60,565,143
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Donald Trump’s ‘mandate – America’s 2nd Choice


This is starting to go beyond any – ANY – presidential race.

Hillary could get close to 2 million more votes then Trump.

But he will be the next President……
Monday’s count
U.S. Total
Clinton 61,337,682 – + 755,523
Trump 60,582,159

Sunday’s count
U.S. Total
Clinton 61,292,712 + 727,569
Trump 60,565,143

1824 – Andrew Jackson lost election won popular vote by 38,221

1876 – Samuel Tilden lost election won popular vote by 252,666

1888 – Grover Cleveland lost election won popular vote by 94,530

2000 – Al Gore lost election won popular vote by 543,816

Election 2016 – Why Democrats Lost – ‘Young Democrats loving Bernie, hating Hillary’




3 States. 107,330 votes. 46 Electoral votes. Would have meant no Trump.

Think about that the next time you want to cast a ‘protest’ vote because you’re not ‘excited’.

All the freaking out about why Hillary lost.
Oh we have to go hard left. Be ‘progressive’. Go after young people’s votes.

All we needed to do was keep 3 traditional Democratic States. 

Well this is what ‘progressive’ protest votes did – elected Donald Trump President of the United States.
Keep the House Republican
Keep the Senate Republican
Added 3 more, now 34, States with Republican Governors.

  • What will your ‘protest’ vote really do?
    Have 5, 6 maybe 7 very, very Conservative Supreme Court Justices for the next 25 years.
    Over turn Roe v. Wade – no choice for women.
    Even further cutting voting rights.
    Cut all funding for Planned Parenthood.
    Repeal Obamacare.
    Cut Medicare to make it private insurance.
    Cut Medicaid to ‘block grants’ to be spent by the State as they want.
    Cut food stamps.
    Cut housing spending.
    Cut public transportation spending.

Ah…… You weren’t excited about Hillary?

Hillary Clinton Electoral votes – 232
Wisconsin – +10
Pennsylvania +20
Michigan +16

Hillary could have had 278 Electoral votes.

But you weren’t ‘excited’ about Hillary’.
You had to have a ‘protest’ vote.

Wisconsin – a traditional Democratic State – 10 Electoral votes.

Trump won by 27,257 votes.

Jill Stein got 30,980 votes.
Gary Johnson got 106,442.
But you feel good with your ‘protest’ vote.

Pennsylvania – a traditional Democratic state – 20 Electoral votes.

Trump won by 68,236 votes

Jill Stein got 48,912 votes.
Gary Johnson got 141,653 votes.
But you feel good with your ‘protest’ vote.

Michigan still undecided – a traditional state – 16 Electoral votes.

Trump ahead by 11,837

Jill Stein has 50,686 votes.
Gary Johnson has 173,021 votes.
But you feel good with your ‘protest’ vote.

Election 2016 – ‘Hillary Clinton lost. Bernie Sanders could have won’


Laughing My Ass Off.

No he wouldn’t. He couldn’t even win the Democratic nomination because all he wanted to do was tax the rich and make every thing free for you know ‘common folk’.

Clinton Democratic Primary – 15,805,136

Bernie – 12,029,699

Still not convinced?
Read the interview in which Bernie fumbles and mumbles his way trough answers.

‘Shock & Awe’ – Nixon’s AG – “Watch What We Do, Not What We Say”



That is what will matter now……

As I’m writing this, Trump has 276 and Clinton 228.

NBC just called MN for Clinton.

Still counting

Trump – AZ-11, MI-16, AK-3 all leaning Trump so possible – 306

Clinton – NH-4 so possible – 232

Hillary lost because Donald Trump ran a ‘rust belt’ election and won. It was less a strategy then being aware of shifting polls and taking advantage.

I like everyone, was wrong. I was looking at internal polls that showed a very large shift of white, college educated women to Hillary.

A very large shift.

And a large shit of Latinos to Hillary.

Neither really happened to the degree that it would have mattered in the States that ultimately came to stop Hillary.

Donald Trump, early in his campaign, touted a ‘rust belt’ path to the White House.

He did it.

PA-20, OH-18, WI-10 – That’s a shift of 48 usually Democratic electoral votes to Trump.
And he might not be done – MI-16 is leaning Trump.

So the pundits can trash Hillary, blame her E mails, the Clinton Foundation, FBI Comey or even just 35 years of FOX and Republican investigating her and Bill while never filing one legal charge.

Trump won, knowingly or not, on a ‘rust belt’ plan.

Again, as I write this, Hillary is winning the popular vote.

So a repeat of Bush/Gore without the drama of drawing out the election.

I refer you to this as to possible futures.

Tomorrow | Hillary Clinton


President Hillary Rodham Clinton



I was actuall a little concerned yester when I predicted

Clinton – 348

Trump 192

But everything I was looking at was saying that.


I might be a State or two high but……..
Every single major electoral vote forecast also gives the advantage to Hillary Clinton.

New York Times/Upshot: 84%

FiveThirtyEight: 72%

Princeton: 99%

DailyKos: 92%

Huffington Post: 98%
In addition, the Cook Political Report and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball also point to a Clinton victory.

Election Night Time Table




I’m predicting a 9PM PT or Midnight ET election call by the networks.

An electoral blow out and a popular vote win by Hillary of 5%+.

Clinton – 348

Trump – 192

Some States are split as to closing times.

I’ve highlighted the States in the time that ALL of the votes will now be counted.

Florida (Eastern Time Zone only), Indiana (rest of state), Kentucky (rest of state), Georgia, New Hampshire (most towns), South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia

7:30 PM ET
North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia

Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida (rest of state), Illinois, Kansas (Central Time Zone), Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan (Eastern Time Zone), Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire (rest of state), New Jersey, North Dakota (part of state), Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota (Central Time Zone), Tennessee, Texas (Central Time Zone), Washington, DC

Arizona, Colorado, Kansas (rest of state), Louisiana, Michigan (rest of state), Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota (rest of state), South Dakota (rest of state), Texas (rest of state), Wisconsin, Wyoming

10 PM ET
Idaho (Mountain Time Zone), Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Oregon (Mountain Time Zone), Utah

11 PM ET
California, Hawaii, Oregon (rest of state), Washington
12 AM ET
Alaska (most of state):

Alaska (rest of state)

Electoral College Watch – No More Toss Ups – Madame President Hillary Rodham Clinton


THIS is the President I waited 8 years for……..

Go to 1:14:00

Right or wrong, I see a quiet but very large surge in Latinos and women. Especially younger women.
I think that Clinton will carry every demographic except for white men and even that will be close.

I think Hillary will win FL-29 and by a comfortable 3-5% margin.

Without FL-29, Trump has no path to winning.

So by 9 PM PDT, I predict that the news agencies will call the election for the first women President – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Trump loses NH-4, PA-20, NC-15, MI-16, AZ-11, OH-18.

An electoral blow out and a popular vote win by Hillary of 5%+.

I don’t want Trump to concede. I want his refusal to be the final insult of the Republican party to our democracy.

Hillary Clinton
NV-6, MN-10,
WA-12, OR-7, CA-55, HI-4, VT-3, HN-4, MA-11, RI-4, CT-7, NJ-14, DE-3, MD-10, DC-3, NY-29, VA-13, PA-20, , WI-10, IL-20, NM-5, CO-9, NC-15, MI-16, AZ-11, OH-18, FL-29 = 348

Donald Trump
MT-3, ID-4, WY-3, ND-3, SD-3, NE-4, KS-6, OK-7, AR-10, LA-8, MS-6, AL-9, TN-11, WV-5, SC-9, GA-16, KY-8, ME-3, AK-3, TX-38, UT-6, MO-10, IA-6, IN-11 = 192

Electoral College Watch – Republican FBI Director – “My bad”.


James Comey

The FBI Director was confirmed by the Senate in 2013 for a 10 year term.
Now the President can fire him.
But Obama can’t without screwing with his legacy.
Hillary can’t because of the so called (really is there anything there there?) on going (cough) ‘investigations’.
So – Hillary needs to find a street brawler Attorney General (the boss of the FBI) and have them ride James Comey until he is in tears and resigns.

Michigan the new “Oh it could cost Hillary the election”.

Let’s come back to the real World.
Right now – in general – most maps show Clinton with a minimum of 272.
Michigan has 16 electoral votes.
So that would give Clinton 256.

For Trump to win, he needs MI-16, FL-29, NC-15, OH-18 AND NV-6 or AZ-11.
He is not going to win 5 or those 6 States.

In fact there is a ‘silent vote’ out there.
But it’s not ‘silent’ Trump supporters.

It’s women and Latinos.
HUGE in FL-29 (up to 28% of Repubs could have voted for Hillary)
NV-6 – Dems early vote up 65,000.
AZ-11 – see nevada.
Real Clear Politics
Daily Average –
Thur – 2.2
Fri – 2.6
Sat – 1.8
Sun – 2.0
Mon – 2.2
RCP Electoral No Toss Ups
4 straight days holding at
Clinton – 297
Trump – 241

Predict Wise
Fri –
Clinton 84%
Sat –
Clinton 86%
Sun –
Clinton 87%
Mon –
Clinton 89%

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball 2016 Electoral College
STILL is running the headline ‘Is Clinton Slipping’? from Nov. 3rd.
No longer a serious predictor

AP still Nov 5th
Clinton 274
Trump 190
Toss Ups 74

Princeton Election Consortium
Clinton 313
Trump 225

Five Thirty Eight
Clinton 292
Trump 245.3
McMullin .7

CNN The Place Not To Watch On Election Night
Clinton 268
Trump 204

Cook Political Report
Clinton 278
Trump 214
Toss Ups 46

Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report
Clinton 323
Trump 191
Toss Ups 24

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