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Republican Age Of Austerity – ‘And Here We Go’



Oh and the next budget will cut all federal funding to Planned Parenthood AND legislation on Trump’s desk to repeal Roe v Wade.

The excitement will be in how long they will ‘grandfater’ it for.

5 years? 15? 25?

‘Paul Ryan just announced that as part of repealing Obamacare he plans to phase out Medicare and replace it with private insurance for retirees’.

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Hillary Clinton Al Smith Charity Dinner


‘Knowing her setting, a Catholic charity event, Clinton quickly made the case for why she may deserve consideration for sainthood’.

“I think the Cardinal is saying I’m not eligible for sainthood, but getting through these three debates with Donald has to count as a miracle,” Clinton said to laughter. “So I guess I’m up against the highest, hardest stain glass ceiling.”

‘Sticking to the topic of the recent presidential debates, the Democratic nominee also took a shot at Trump’s accusation that she may have been on drugs during their three faceoffs’.

“Donald wanted me drug tested before last night’s debate. And, look, I gotta tell you, I am so flattered that Donald thought I used some sort of performance enhancer. Now, actually, I did. It’s called preparation”.

“And looking back, I’ve had to listen to Donald for three full debates, and he says I don’t have any stamina. That is four and a half hours. I have now stood next to Donald Trump longer than any of his campaign managers”.

‘She continued on the topic of Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, saying, “I have great respect for Kellyanne Conway, and since she’s a contractor, [Trump] probably won’t be paying her.”

“Every year, this dinner brings together a collection of sensible, committed, mainstream Republicans. Or, as we now like to call them, Hillary supporters,” Clinton said’.

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The Day in a Quote


The Day in a Quote


The Thought For Today


Democrats War On Old White Guys Who Can’t Get Erections – ‘Democrat’s Bill Requires Men To Have Note From Wife, Pledge Oath On Bible To Get Viagra’


war on women1

war on women5


‘A Kentucky democrat is schooling Republicans on family values in a very sarcastic but very creative manner’.

‘Rep. Mary Lou Marzian sponsored Bill 396 which would force men to visit a doctor twice and require them to obtain signed permission from their wives before obtaining a prescription for Viagra or other such drugs for erectile dysfunction’.

‘The state legislator said it is simply an effort to protect men’s health and ensure that they are informed about a drug with potentially dangerous side effects, according to the Courier-Journal’.

“I want to protect these men from themselves,” said Marzian, who is a nurse’.

‘In addition, the bill also specifies that only married men may obtain the drug and requires “a man to make a sworn statement with his hand on a Bible that he will only use a prescription for a drug for erectile dysfunction when having sexual relations with his current spouse.”

“This is about family values,” Marzian said’.

‘Marzian’s bill was formed in response to several anti-abortion measures in the current legislative session, including Senate Bill 4, which is called the ‘informed consent bill’.

‘That bill requires that a woman who is seeking an abortion procedure, must get counseling 24 hours in advance from a health professional’.

‘SB 4 passed last week and was signed into law by Gov. Matt Bevin’.

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Bernie’s Big Lie – ‘Why Americans Can’t Have Universal Healthcare Like Europeans’


‘It is curious that few Americans wonder why Republicans are pouring no small amount of super PAC money into ads attacking Hillary Clinton using rhetoric lifted directly from the Sander’s campaign’.

‘They want an election pitting a Republican, almost any Republican, against a candidate pledging to raise taxes substantially on everyone’.

‘False charms of Sanders’ single-payer'(2)

‘One cannot comprehend how nearly half of the population living in poverty and barely making it and then saddled with a 20 percent tax bill will embrace being poorer to have basic healthcare when they will be unable to eat or pay rent’

‘Americans are not interested in paying significantly higher income taxes to have ‘government-provided’ healthcare’.

‘National health insurance, or single payer, is a dream for many Americans, but if they actually comprehended what it will cost them, and the rest of the taxpayers, they may pause and reconsider’.

‘For example, Britain has a relatively well-regarded universal healthcare system that every citizen pays for through national income tax’.

‘The tax rate for income tax and National Health Insurance in the United Kingdom (England) in 2015-16 for all citizens earning between zero and £31,785, considered basic-rate (flat rate) taxpayers, is a whopping 20 percent of their entire income’.

‘It is a full 15 percent more than America’s middle class tax rate’.

‘And would entail a 20 percent tax hike for 45 percent of Americans who pay nothing now’.


Of course that’s assuming you wanted to actually have the program fully funded.

‘The Fiscal Times: Sanders’ Single-Payer Plan Would Add Up To $14 Trillion To The Debt'(3)

‘CNN Money: Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Pay For Health Care Falls Short By Trillions, Says One Analysis’(3)

Bernie Sanders: ‘We Will Raise Taxes. Yes, We Will’(4)


‘For a comparison, and one reason why many Democrats are reticent to go all-in to support enactment of single-payer in America’,

‘In 2015, 45 percent of Americans with earned income paid zero income tax’.

‘One cannot comprehend how nearly half of the population living in poverty and barely making it and then saddled with a 20 percent tax bill will embrace being poorer to have basic healthcare when they will be unable to eat or pay rent’.

‘What is even more laughable is imagining a Democrat, any Democrat, submitting a bill in any House or Senate committee to raise taxes on the poor by 20 percent, raise middle class taxes by 35 percent, and saddle the wealthy elite with a 20 percent tax hike’.


‘Democrats Reject Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Raise Taxes’(5)


Now imagine the Republican majority House laughing like banshees at whichever Democrat proposes epic tax hikes on all Americans; especially when Republicans pledge to cut taxes as is their base’s demand’.(1)


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The Day in a Picture


Breeding Crazy AND Stupid – ‘FL Hearing Goes FULL RACIST: We Must Ban Abortion To Save ‘White Culture’

war on women5


‘The scary part of this is the fact that the
bill passed the committee with a whopping 8-3


‘So, in other words, Florida is about to go back
to the desperation of the pre- Roe v. Wade
days,when women were dying in back alley chop
shops and from self-administered coat hanger

‘Florida Republicans have sponsored a bill that
would literally ban all abortions except in
cases where the woman’s health and/or life is
threatened by the pregnancy’.

‘If passed, the bill, HB 865, would make sure
any and all abortion providers would spend up to
30 years in prison for defying the law’.

‘As if that weren’t bad enough, the hearing for
the bill featured a horrible racist by the name
of Paul, who said that “white culture” was under
threat due to legal abortion’.

‘The legislators in the chamber allowed this man
to go on an absolutely racist rant, in which he
said, in part’:

“We see the destruction we’re bringing upon
ourself as a nation. The Muslims, they don’t
kill the babies.”

“Their race is through the breeding of having
families, children. And what happens is once you
see the condition we’re in, we’re destroying
ourselves and destroying our families, we’ve
accepted something in this country that the
Creator — that we’re going to pay for.”

“You don’t see us as a culture, as a white
culture, pushing this agenda of abortion, women
outside the home not having babies, everybody
getting more and more and more? We’re a sick
nation and if we don’t repent then the people
leading our government, you are legislating
morality by the laws you pass.”

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A Liberal Vision For America – ‘Paul Krugman Says Hillary Clinton is Right and Bernie Sanders is Wrong on Healthcare’


Please, please Progressives – In a US House that has
voted 62 times in 7 years to repeal, delay or defund 
in all or parts of Obamacare – lets elect Bernie and
try to put in a not paid for Medicare For All……

And we think Republicans make up alternative
‘Paul Krugman has entered the healthcare reform fray
on behalf of Hillary Clinton, a fact which will no
doubt disappoint many progressives. In a op-ed titled
“Health Reform Realities,” Krugman argues that though
Obamacare is “a kludge: a somewhat awkward, clumsy
device with lots of moving parts,” it works’:

“Health reform is the signature achievement of the
Obama presidency”.

“It was the biggest expansion of the social safety net
since Medicare was established in the 1960s”.

“It more or less achieves a goal — access to health
insurance for all Americans — that progressives have
been trying to reach for three generations”.

“And it is already producing dramatic results, with
the percentage of uninsured Americans falling to
record lows”.

‘In other words, the Affordable Care Act was a big win
for us against Republicans, who fought any reform at
all’. Most will remember the failed Bill Clinton
attempt to get healthcare reform done during his
administration. As Krugman puts it,:

“The question for progressives — a question that is
now central to the Democratic primary — is whether
these failings mean that they should re-litigate their
own biggest political success in almost half a
century, and try for something better”.


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