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Fake President Trump’s Tweets – “Why didn’t these people vote”?


Dear Fake President Trump.
We did vote – but you seem more concerned about your TV ratings.

Clinton – 65,844,954
Trump – 62,979,879

You lost the popular vote by 2,865,075.

Now you did win the electoral vote –

Clinton – 227
Trump – 304

My question is – where is the counter protest in favor of you and your policies by the YUGE! 77 vote majority that voted for you?

Of course in Novemebr 4 years ago, you called for protests

And as usual didn’t know what you were talking about as you thought that Obama had won the electoral vote (like you) but you thought he’d lost the popular vote (like you but of course he won that also)

This is why so many people see you as the Fake President.

You ignorance and arrogance.

Leftover Trump


The Day in a Picture


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The Official Fake President List Of Lies #3 – ‘Trump Still Hasn’t Resigned from His Companies’



January 20, 2017 By Taegan Goddard


“At a news conference last week, now-President Donald Trump said he and his daughter, Ivanka, had signed paperwork relinquishing control of all Trump-branded companies. Next to him were stacks of papers in manila envelopes — documents he said transferred “complete and total control” of his businesses to his two sons and another longtime employee.”

“That hasn’t happened.”

“To transfer ownership of his biggest companies, Trump has to file a long list of documents in Florida, Delaware and New York’.

‘We asked officials in each of those states whether they have received the paperwork. As of 3:15 p.m. today, the officials said they have not.”

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The Official Fake President List Of Lies #2 – ‘Donald Trump’s First Twitter Background as President Was a Photo From the Inauguration of Barack Obama’


‘Yeah, it’s from President Obama’s inauguration in 2009’.


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January 20, 2017


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The Official Fake President List Of Lies #1 – ‘Trump Breaks First Presidential Promise In Record Time: Hats At Inaugural Were Made In China’



‘All president’s break promises, but it is borderline pathological for Trump to look America in the eye and promise to buy American while the goods being worn by his own supporters are made in China’.

‘Trump may have also set the record for fastest promise ever broken as president. He didn’t last 15 minutes from the time he took the oath office to his first broken promise’.

From Fake President Trump’s inauguration speech –

“We assembled here today our issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capital, and in every hall of power, from this day forward: a new vision will govern our land, from this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first”.

“We will follow two simple rules: buy American, and hire American”.

Wow. President for a whole 15 minutes and lying because it is who Trump is.

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