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Just How Stupid Is Donald Trump? – ‘Trump just blasted the wrong court for ‘blocking’ his sanctuary cities order’ – This Stupid

‘Source: NBC’

‘President Donald Trump lashed out again at the American judiciary for blocking a piece of his agenda’.

‘Except on Wednesday, he got his court wrong’.

‘In a morning tweet, he blamed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for the Tuesday decision blocking his order to withhold funding from so-called sanctuary cities. He called the ruling “ridiculous” and signaled that his administration will appeal by saying “see you in the Supreme Court.”

‘Donald J. Trump ? @realDonaldTrump’
“First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court”!
3:20 AM – 26 Apr 2017
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‘The problem: The ruling Tuesday did not come from the 9th Circuit. It was made in federal district court in San Francisco’.

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