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The Man Of The People – ‘TrumpCare Is Devastating Republicans as Trump’s Approval Rating Tanks to 39%’

I think too much credit/discredit is given to the GOP heath care and its connection to Trump.

Rather on March 4th, Trump tweeted that Obama had ‘wire tapped’ him at Trump Tower.

Words are starting to matter and when Trump continues to lie – while offering no proof – and then won’t apologize – well people know a con artist when he keeps crying wolf.

‘Starting four days ago on March 11 on the Gallup Daily Tracking poll, President Trump’s approval rating tanked to 39% from 45% approving on the 11th. This coincides with the disastrous rollout of TrumpCare’.

‘On the 11th, disapproval was at 49%. Cut to four days later, March 15th, post CBO scoring of Trumpcare, and President Trump is at 55% disapproval and a mere 39% approval’.

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