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Building On The Reason For Donald Trump To Resign – ‘The Problem with a Lying President’


March 6, 2017 By Taegan Goddard

‘Rick Klein and Shushannah Walshe’:

“This is not normal, and this cannot be viewed as acceptable, or just another Twitter rant. The accusations leveled by President Trump over the weekend, suggesting that his predecessor committed a federal crime for political purposes by ordering him wiretapped, has troubling implications no matter the ultimate facts.”

“…..If the president just falsely accused an ex-president of a “sick” effort to rig an election – how can those who need to or even want to trust the president’s word do so going forward”?

“Now, with a real crisis developing out of North Korea and who knows what’s next, is one of those times where it’s critical that the president’s words be taken literally, if he ever hopes to be taken seriously when it counts.”

‘First Read’:

“This all raises a question: What happens when a president cries wolf so many times? Can anyone believe him — even on matters like wars, national tragedies, and natural disasters”?

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4 thoughts on “Building On The Reason For Donald Trump To Resign – ‘The Problem with a Lying President’

  1. Per EJ Dionne, the President is screwed either way. If a judge ordered the wiretaps, why did they do so? If they did not and this is one more “entertainment news” sourced pieces, Trump has royally screwed the pooch, as the test pilots would say. Here is the question to be asked – why would James Clapper and James Comey say what they did, if it could be disproven? A committee need to begin in earnest the Russian links to Trump and start with his tax returns. He is beholden to someone.

    • This is someone (Trump) who has no clue how government works.
      IF there were taps, a judge would have ordered it and that means there was evidence to support a tap.
      What idiot would want that evidence exposed?
      Oh. Trump.
      If there were (and there wern’t) any taps, it’s just a lie meant to defame a former President – and where oh where are the Republicans?

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    TOWER OF LIES … this is not NORMAL!!!

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