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A New Republican/McCarthyism America – ‘Bill Seeks Political Balance Among University Professors’


Caroline Higgins is 66 years old, and at 5’2” she’s not a daunting figure. Walking on the Earlham College campus last week, she ran into one of her students, a football player who very much towers over her. She mentioned that she was about to be named to a list of the “101 most dangerous academics in America.”

Higgins said that her student just started laughing — and that for anyone who knows her, “dangerous” just isn’t the word that comes to mind. She teaches peace studies.

But today, with the release of David Horowitz’s new book, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, Caroline Higgins finds herself in elite company.


Because political balance is important in math, science, accounting…………

February 21, 2017 By Taegan Goddard

‘Des Moines Register’:

“A bill in the Iowa Senate seeks to achieve greater political diversity among professors at the state’s Board of Regents universities. Senate File 288 would institute a hiring freeze until the number of registered Republicans and Democrats on the university faculty fall within 10 percent of each other.”

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3 thoughts on “A New Republican/McCarthyism America – ‘Bill Seeks Political Balance Among University Professors’

  1. Two comments. This is part of the a general conservative strategy born after the first Obama win. The goal was to use anti-Obama rhetoric to win back the senate in 2010 and win many state legislature majorities, which was vital as it was a census year. Redistricting from the census led to gerrymandering and control of the House and state legislatures until at least 2021. The other was to directly influence seats in state university systems to control more progressive thinking that tends to occur in universities, otherwise the demographics did not favor them.

    The other comment is a key mentor of Trump is the infamous Roy Cohn, an attorney in New York. Who is Roy Cohn? He was an advisor to none other than Senator Joe McCarthy, of communist witch hunt fame. This is not a fake story, as it has been reported in Trump’s biographies. What key pieces of advice did Cohn impart – sue everyone and never apologize for a mistake. Trump’s businesses average between 1 1/2 and 2 lawsuits per week and he does not say he made a mistake – the birther stuff was started by Hillary, he did was misinformed by staff on his electoral college margin, his travel ban rollout was smooth….

  2. Appalling considering anyone inside or outside of academia based on their political registration in Nationally recognized political parties is outrageous be it Demo, Rep, Ind, Green, or even Communist or KKK. We just shouldn’t do that. ~~dru~~

  3. I look forward to a day — some day — where I won’t learn about something that in normal times would be completely unbelievable. Today is obviously not that day.

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