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The Resignation Of Donald J. Trump – Trump’s Tweets



These are the words of the President of the United States just minutes ago.

I want a President that cares, thinks about us, we the people, instead of himself.

3 plus months AFTER the election, still has to tell anyone who will listen that he ‘won’.

‘Russia’ is ‘fake news’.

‘Fake news’ makes up stories and sources.

Democrats are discredited.

How fragile is this ‘mans’ ego?

Do these words unite us? Bring us jobs? Give health care to those who can’t afford it? Improve our education? Protect our environment? Build our infrastructure?

Or do they just feed a ‘man’ who is becoming afraid of what the ‘fake media’ may uncover?

What did Donald Trump Know?

When did he know it?


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3 thoughts on “The Resignation Of Donald J. Trump – Trump’s Tweets

  1. Last time I checked, Lindsey Graham and John McCain were not Democrats. Plus, the calls were tracked with normal surveillance, nothing unique. Flynn should have known that, but he was likely marching under explicit or implicit orders. There are more layers to this onion and the American people are owed an investigation to confirm where their President’s allegiance lies. Nixon said he was not a crook – he was proven wrong. Trump says it is not me, it is sore loser Democrats….There is more to this story.

    • The smart money is on the transcripts showing that Flynn says to the effect – “The President asked me to call….”
      Trump will lie and say no he didn’t but other country’s are now digging deeper into the business for possible blackmail infomation.
      This is still going to take months but is happening so much sooner then I thought it would.
      The tweets how Trump is running scared. The Dems need to let Trump be Trump with just the slightest push every now and then.
      Trump will bury himself.

      • The man cannot control himself. This ramped up attack on the media and intelligence agencies reveals a level of guilt from which he trying to redirect the focus.

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