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The Resignation Of Donald J. Trump


I have seen a little in my life time.

A President assassinated…..

A President resigned in disgrace……

A President with early onset dementia….

And a President Impeached by the House but over ruled by the Senate.

And now, the election of a con artist.

Will Donald Trump resign? Yes but it will take some time. The Republicans will have to be taken by the hand since they control the House and the Senate and have an ignorant man sitting in the White House who will sign whatever they put in front of him.

Donald Trump will lie. He has a long, long, very long documented, recorded history of lying.

So Republicans will have to force the one document – Trump’s tax returns – out of his control and bring it into the light of transparency.

This will show Trump’s long, long, very long history with Russian financial institutions.

And Trump will have no choice but to resign.


The upside.

We get rid of the con artist.

I admit I am biased. I want to see Trump and his entire family humiliated, financially crushed. Even to the point where the Dollar Store won’t sell an item with the Trump brand.

Why? Trump spent 8 years degrading President Obama and his family as not being ‘real;’ Americans. Over and over and over, Trump pounded the meme into the American minds that Obama was not born in America.


The down side.

Mike Pence will become President. Pence describes himself thusly – ‘A christian, a conservative and a republian….in that order.


The upside.

Except for a small sect of religious bible thumpers, no one especially Republicans will have the stomach to be preached at by Pence who ran as Trump’s running mate.


The down side.

America will be in turmoil for several years.


The upside.

Democrats can take back the Senate in 2018, the House and White House and regain the majority of State Houses in 2020.

Republicans have to be the ones to expose Trump.

Democrats have to be the voice of calm and reason.

No bible thumping. No Progressive platforms.

Calm, moderate voices.

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2 thoughts on “The Resignation Of Donald J. Trump

  1. A calm and well thought out post. Thank you for writing this. N.

  2. Mr. Militant Negro on said:

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