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Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

The Day in a Picture



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4 thoughts on “The Day in a Picture

  1. Ivanka. Ivanka Trumps America.

  2. Do you ever feel like we are being played? This whole thing may be an opportunity to make connections and sales.

    • I think Conway was actually ignorant of the fact that the President or his staff/appointees can not promote products.
      Contrary to excusing her, it’s a primary reason to fire her.
      Her title is Counsluer to the President.
      She needs to leave until she does know this. But she won’t be fired. If anything it increased her creds with Trump.
      But….alll of this…..bit by bit…adds up. In time and the way they are going not that much time, it will become overwhelming to the point where even a Republican Congressional committee will open an investigation.
      You remember Nixon and Watergate. Once it starts, to save their careers and retirements, under staff will jump on.

      • Good points. The Michael Flynn lying about his conversation with the Russian ambassador, along with Michael Pence and Sean Spicer’s lying to cover it up, will start some interesting discussions. Coupled with DT’s consistent avid support of Putin and his not releasing taxes, I would not be surprised if something is amiss.

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