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In My Backyard – From My Local (Spokane) CL R&R – ‘Political Talk (Need to Know)’


A local conservative trolling for what I assume he hoped would be hate, got my response.

This is why we as a Nation are and will fail.

Politics has, for some groups, become ‘absolutes’. Conservative, Republicans and Progressives see politics as absolutes. You can not sway from the straight and narrow.

NO COMPROMISE on your (cough) ‘principles’.


From my local R&R –

I would really like to talk to somebody who believes in Liberal values (which I think is an interesting term itself) and voted for Hillary. Not just against Trump, but _for_ Hillary.

Somebody who:

– Knows why they voted for Hillary.
– Knows why Liberalism is right and conservatism is wrong.
– Thinks they can convert me.

My response –

#1 – – Knows why they voted for Hillary.

I voted for Hillary because just on her web page alone, she had 37 pages of actual policy proposals.
Filled out. The legislative process, how they would be paid for and the benefits we the middle class would see.
This was more then a slogan ‘make America great’, these were actual plans.
Now what convinced me?
Old Bernie
And –

Sanders and Trump displayed an ignorance so vast on even the basics of governing and government. 

These and his refusal to release his tax returns. BS on the audit. This only goes back to 2007. Release the returns before 2007.
But even now he won’t release them.
Why? What is he hiding? What are his financial connections to Russia?

#2 – – Knows why Liberalism is right and conservatism is wrong.

ROTFLMAO!!! Liberalism and Conservatavism are not absolutes that can be defined.
They are attitudes and views.

Example – do every one of your Liberal or Conservative friends or relatives think EXACTLY alike on EVERY topic?
No they don’t.
Yet you accept them.

#3 – – Thinks they can convert me.

Again – ROTFLMAO!! –
#1 – Why would I care about your political views?
#2 – Again you seem to be stuck with thinking that you have to be either a Liberal or a Conservative.

Try this.

We are all Americans….regardless of our politics.


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