The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Trump ‘remembrance’ The Man With No Empathy


Ask Donald Trump to name just 1 crew member.

Just 1.


‘WH: No mention of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because others were killed too’

This is what happens when you have an anti-semitic inner staff and you have to write about the Holocaust.
“United Nations established International Holocaust Remembrance Day not only because of Holocaust denial but also because so many countries — Iran, Russia, Poland, and Hungary, for example — specifically refuse to acknowledge Hitler’s attempt to exterminate Jews, “opting instead to talk about generic suffering rather than recognizing this catastrophic incident for what is was: the intended genocide of the Jewish people.”(1)


‘Donald Trump tells 10-year-old that ‘space is terrific’ but potholes are more important’

‘The local boy laughed, told the presidential candidate “yeah,” and said: “I want to know your opinions on NASA.”
Trump – “You know, in the old days, it was great,” Trump told the boy, along with an audience of more than 600. “Right now, we have bigger problems — you understand that? We’ve got to fix our potholes. You know, we don’t exactly have a lot of money.”(2)

(1) :

(2) :


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