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Trump’s Daily Tweet – 1-28-17



Todays target is the New York Times is dishonest –


Yeah Donald……..they’re the dishonest ones…….

‘Trump just gave a remarkable new interview. Here’s a tally of all his lies.(1)

‘Donald Trump’s 8 (Most Recent) Blatant Lies(2)

‘Canadian Newspaper Compiles List of Almost 500 Trump Lies During Campaign'(3)

‘Mr. Trump’s Applause Lies'(4)

‘Donald Trump Dominates List Of 2015’s Biggest Lies'(5)

(1) :

(2) :

(3) :

(4) :

(5) :



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One thought on “Trump’s Daily Tweet – 1-28-17

  1. What people fail to understand is our President has always been like this throughout his entire career. Exploiting people through bullying, misrepresentation, lawsuits, threatened lawsuits, counter lawsuits, stiffing people he owed not to mention his sexual harassment and assault issues, which he has admitted to in at least three public venues. When he accuses the media of dishonesty, it is sad and funny, as his five biographers all said not to vote for this man as he is not very truthful.

    Not reporting on this man’s history in an in-depth way is the media’s greatest failure. Only now are they doing their job on a more consistent basis.

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