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Trump’s Inauguration Speech


Holy crap. Listening to Trump’s Inauguration speech, a time and chance to out line a vision for America and her place in the World, and finding he’s just doing his regular stump speech without the insults.

We are so screwed.


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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Inauguration Speech

  1. At least he’s consistent…

  2. We are on the same page. My post this morning is entitled “Donnie Darko.” Even some of his followers were disappointed. My question remains the same, “What country is he talking about?” Yes, we have problems, but we are at full employment, a record stock market, the fourth longest economic growth period, 20 million more insured, renewable energy taking off…

    • I went into listening to the speech with an open mind. I was hoping for some out reach, some compromise but no.
      Just his regualr stump speech without the insults.
      As to the Country he is describing – it is FEAR.
      People who live in fear are more compliant.

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