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Debunking The Lies Of President-elect Donald The Clown Trump – ‘Trump mentioned Wikileaks 164 times in last month of election, now claims it didn’t impact one voter’



Paris Saint-Germain v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg


  • ‘The US intelligence report on Russian hacking directly implicates WikiLeaks'(1)
  • ‘U.S. intelligence report says Putin targeted presidential election to ‘harm’ Hillary Clinton’s chances(2)

Donald J. Trump ? @realDonaldTrump
“Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting machines not touched”!
3:56 AM – 7 Jan 2017



Basicly either Donald The Clown doesn’t understand english or he’s assuming/hoping most of his base is too stupid to understand the difference between ‘influence’ and ‘voting machines not touched’.

The Donald The Clown Trump Doctrine – “Just Make Stuff Up”.

‘Trump to Bill O’Reilly: “Wikileaks is amazing”

‘Trump: “Wikileaks, some new stuff, some brutal stuff”

‘Trump says Wikileaks proves Clinton should not “be able to run for president”

‘Trump: “Wikileaks. I love Wikileaks”

‘Trump: “You see so much from these Wikileaks. You see so much. There’s so much.”

‘Trump: “I’ll tell you this Wikileaks stuff is unbelievable…you gotta read it.”

‘Trump: “One of the big advantages of me having a rather large microphone… is that I can talk about Wikileaks”

‘Trump: “You hear this? Wikileaks. Big stuff but the press does not report it”

‘Trump: Wikileaks reveals Clinton would be “the most corrupt person ever elected to high office”

‘Trump: Wikileaks reveals “the massive international corruption of the Clinton machine”

‘Trump: “The sad part is we don’t talk about Wikileaks because it’s incredible.”

‘Trump: “Wikileaks unveils horrible, horrible things about Hillary Clinton”

‘Trump on Wikileaks: “There’s bad, bad stuff [the media is] not covering”

‘Trump: “WikiLeaks came out with lots of really unbelievable things”

‘Trump: The media “will not talk about Wikileaks”

‘Trump: “Boy, that Wikileaks has done a job on her, hasn’t it?”

‘Trump: “We’ve learned so much from Wikileaks”

‘Trump: “We love Wikileaks. Wikileaks.”

‘Trump: “A terrible Wikileaks was released just moments ago… you’ll be sickened by it”

‘Trump: “Wikileaks revelations have exposed criminal corruption at the highest levels of our government”

‘Trump: Wikileaks show “a rigged system with more collusion, probably illegal”

‘Trump: Wikileaks revealed Clinton was “completely jeopardizing the national security of the United States”


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