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Blog Running – ‘Donald Trump – The ‘Clown President-elect’ Deserves to Be Ridiculed—It’s the One Thing That Terrifies Him’



A great read over at Truth Dig:

“In addition to organizing against Trump’s dangerous agenda, we ought to make the next four years as deeply unnerving to him as possible so that he is reminded every single day that he will not get a pass on any of his disastrous policy decisions”.

“Donald Trump has a thin skin. That personality trait is consistent with his large ego, desire to flaunt his wealth, portray himself as a playboy and aggressively fight every imagined slight”.

“The last time we had a president who was hugely unpopular was George W. Bush, and political comedians had a field day mocking his sentence structure and clumsy speech. But Bush gave little indication of how he was affected by the derision”.

“Trump, on the other hand, appears to take the mockery extremely seriously, which is of course a large part of why he is so unsuitable to lead the nation, and why the resistance to him must exploit this weakness”.

“A new book by Washington Post reporters Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher titled “Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power” offers several clues about Trump’s shortcomings.0”

“Fisher further revealed that Trump’s thin skin is attached to deep anxiety, explaining that he “has worn this cloak of resentment all of his life and he believes that he’s never been accepted in any field that he’s in. There is a certain insecurity…..”

‘Trump Says He’ll Hit Back Harder If Attacked'(2)      

“He’s someone who is easily goaded … it’s not difficult to do that, and competitors and his opponents realize that, and certainly other nations will realize that; and so there will be a temptation among leaders of rivals around the world to use that in whatever dealings they have with President Trump.”

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2 thoughts on “Blog Running – ‘Donald Trump – The ‘Clown President-elect’ Deserves to Be Ridiculed—It’s the One Thing That Terrifies Him’

  1. The sad part is none of this is new. His biographers warned us not to vote for him. If a man pretends to be his own press agent on multiple occasions to call into New York talk shows to describe his sexual conquests and success, then that is indicative of how fragile an ego than man has. China just called him on the carpet for his tweeting about North Korea. So, he will, of course, spout something inane back and we will have a twitter war.

    • I’ve read this on a couple of obscure sites after Trump’s election, but if China ever really wanted to hurt us, all they’d have to do is stop selling to us.
      In 6 months, America would be on it’s knees.
      If that long.
      And that possible future is the difference between diplomacy and twitter.

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