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Donald Trump The Illegitimate President-elect – ‘Activism: Let It Be Resolved…


I found this over at Mock, Paper Scissors.

Here’s the link :

While they suggest several ways to be active against the Clown president, I’m only posting a couple here. Ones that I really feel are important.

** ‘Be kind to one another. As the Fourth Reich takes shape, we see people everywhere are afraid. As Mr. Rogers once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Be that person, be the helper’.

** ‘Do Not argue with idiots: Do not feed the trolls. When you realize that the person you are arguing with is impervious to facts, just conclude your conversation and walk away. They exist solely to make liberals angry, they are wasting your time and draining your energy. Don’t give them agency over yourself. Leave’.

** ‘Do Not normalize him: Whenever you talk about Trump —even with your Facebook rage uncles— always mention that he did not win the popular vote, he does NOT have a mandate. Don’t let him frame the arguments, remember nothing he says or does is legitimate. Don’t accept anything he (or his surrogates) says without checking the truth’.

** ‘Do Not re-Tweet him without comment: If you are on Twitter, and if you see that this buffoon, the orange-hued shitgibbon is doing it again, comment on it. But whatever you do, don’t RT him and walk on. Alway say something snarky. They count the RTs as being agreement, but they don’t count the comments —especially when you say he’s full of shit— as agreeing with him. Trust me: he has interns and lackies tackling the effectiveness of his mewlings and bleatings’.

Laugh at Trump and his supporters. If their lips were moving (fingers typing) then they lied. Consider that they were trying to be funny. Absurd lies are usually funny…… laugh at them.

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One thought on “Donald Trump The Illegitimate President-elect – ‘Activism: Let It Be Resolved…

  1. Excellent points.

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