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Donald Trump’s Corruption Of America – ‘Kellyanne Conway, ‘Trump Whisperer,’ Will Be Counselor to President’


President G.W. Bush Doctrine – “Invade first…ask questions later”.

Robert Gates Doctrine “It would be insane for any advisor to tell any President to use a ground invasion”.

President Obama Doctrine – “Lead from behind”.

President Elect Donald Trump’s Doctrine – “Just Make Shit Up”.

There is only 1 person in the Trump campaign that has lied more the Donald Trump – that would be Kellyanne Conway.

‘Mr. Trump is deeply fond of Ms. Conway, whose job as counselor will give her frequent access to the president. A “Trump whisperer” during the campaign who was particularly adept at explaining his appeal to voters, Ms. Conway will serve as one of the chief protectors of Mr. Trump’s political brand’.(1)

‘Kellyanne Conway Lies To Megyn Kelly: ‘Mister Trump Only Hits Back’(2)

‘Bill Maher confronts Kellyanne Conway with proof Trump ‘lies for a living’(3)

‘Trump’s liar-in-chief: Since joining his staff, Kellyanne Conway has been living in a world of make believe’(4)

‘Kellyanne Conway Dodges, Weaves, Lies, Misdirects, And Lies Some More About Trump’s Birtherism’(5)


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Donald Trump (And The Entire Family’s) Corruption Of America – ‘Corruption Is The Family Business: Selling Access To The President Was Trump’s Son’s Idea’


‘The American people have sent a criminal enterprise to the White House, so they shouldn’t be surprised that the corruption has already been attempted before the president-elect has even gotten a foot in the door’.

‘The Dallas Morning News reported that the fundraiser who was organizing the event that offered face time with the president in exchange for a vague million dollar donation to charity says that the plan was Donald Trump Jr.’s idea.’

‘Hicks Jr. said the charity was initially Donald Trump Jr.’s idea as a way to promote conservation efforts’.

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Donald Trump (And The Entire Family’s) Corruption Of America – ‘Trump vineyard asks to have more foreign workers: report’


We are likely only to see a small, small portion of the corruption this entire family will bring to the office of the Presidency.

But even that small amount will be YUGE.
‘Source: The Hill’

‘A Virginia winery owned by President-elect Donald Trump’s son is seeking more foreign workers, according to a new report’.

‘The Department of Labor petitioned for the winery, called Trump Vineyard Estates, to bring in six foreign workers using the federal government’s temporary work visa program known as H-2, BuzzFeed reported on Wednesday’.

‘Trump’s son Eric owns the Virginia vineyard’.

‘BuzzFeed News reported that companies owned by Trump or that bear his name have asked for permission from the Department of Labor to bring at least 263 temporary foreign workers to the U.S. since he launched’

‘BuzzFeed also reported that workers on these temporary visas often undergo difficult working conditions with minimal pay’.

‘On the campaign trail, Trump often promised he would bring jobs back to Americans’.

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Donald Trump’s Corruption Of America – ‘Trump’s Pick for Interior Secretary Was Caught in Pattern of Fraud at SEAL Team 6’

The corruption is going to so massive   1ryan

The corruption in Trump’s administration is going to be so massive that it will astound us.

‘Source: The Intercept’

‘After Zinke was caught and warned, he continued to travel home and submit the expenses to the Navy’.

‘Zinke could have been referred for criminal charges, or subjected to a nonjudicial proceeding that would have censured him, likely removing him from the unit’.

‘Neither of those things happened, and he was allowed to finish his assignment at the elite unit’.

‘In announcing the nomination of Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke, a retired Navy SEAL commander, Trump praised his military background. “As a former Navy SEAL, he has incredible leadership skills and an attitude of doing whatever it takes to win,” Trump said last week’.

‘Two SEAL officers investigated Zinke’s records and discovered a yearslong “pattern of travel fraud,” according to two of the sources’.

‘When confronted about the trips, Zinke acknowledged that he spent the time repairing and restoring a home in Whitefish, Montana, and visiting his mother, according to two retired SEAL Team 6 leaders’.

‘The future lawmaker eventually told SEAL leaders that the Montana house was where he intended to live after he retired from the Navy’.

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