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Donald Trump’s Corruption Of America – ‘Kellyanne Conway, ‘Trump Whisperer,’ Will Be Counselor to President’


President G.W. Bush Doctrine – “Invade first…ask questions later”.

Robert Gates Doctrine “It would be insane for any advisor to tell any President to use a ground invasion”.

President Obama Doctrine – “Lead from behind”.

President Elect Donald Trump’s Doctrine – “Just Make Shit Up”.

There is only 1 person in the Trump campaign that has lied more the Donald Trump – that would be Kellyanne Conway.

‘Mr. Trump is deeply fond of Ms. Conway, whose job as counselor will give her frequent access to the president. A “Trump whisperer” during the campaign who was particularly adept at explaining his appeal to voters, Ms. Conway will serve as one of the chief protectors of Mr. Trump’s political brand’.(1)

‘Kellyanne Conway Lies To Megyn Kelly: ‘Mister Trump Only Hits Back’(2)

‘Bill Maher confronts Kellyanne Conway with proof Trump ‘lies for a living’(3)

‘Trump’s liar-in-chief: Since joining his staff, Kellyanne Conway has been living in a world of make believe’(4)

‘Kellyanne Conway Dodges, Weaves, Lies, Misdirects, And Lies Some More About Trump’s Birtherism’(5)


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9 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Corruption Of America – ‘Kellyanne Conway, ‘Trump Whisperer,’ Will Be Counselor to President’

  1. I keep hoping this woman will have a crisis of conscience and quit rather than keep lying to explain her boss’ lies and inane beliefs. I keep being proven wrong. She is very good at not answering the questions asked of her.

    • She has been converted into a true believer.
      She was able to get the attention AND divert truthful answers because it was just the campaign.
      Now it will be actual policy.
      It’s one thing to not be held accountable over things you’d LIKE.
      Now she will have to go on the SUnday talk shows (to get the attention) and be held accountable for actual actions.
      Kellyanne is about to get a very fast education is the difference between a campaign and governing.

  2. I took her at her word that she didn’t want to work in a Trump Administration. Yes, I am an idiot.

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