The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Donald Trump (And The Entire Family’s) Corruption Of America – ‘Trump vineyard asks to have more foreign workers: report’


We are likely only to see a small, small portion of the corruption this entire family will bring to the office of the Presidency.

But even that small amount will be YUGE.
‘Source: The Hill’

‘A Virginia winery owned by President-elect Donald Trump’s son is seeking more foreign workers, according to a new report’.

‘The Department of Labor petitioned for the winery, called Trump Vineyard Estates, to bring in six foreign workers using the federal government’s temporary work visa program known as H-2, BuzzFeed reported on Wednesday’.

‘Trump’s son Eric owns the Virginia vineyard’.

‘BuzzFeed News reported that companies owned by Trump or that bear his name have asked for permission from the Department of Labor to bring at least 263 temporary foreign workers to the U.S. since he launched’

‘BuzzFeed also reported that workers on these temporary visas often undergo difficult working conditions with minimal pay’.

‘On the campaign trail, Trump often promised he would bring jobs back to Americans’.

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