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Political Pundit Gas Bags – ‘The Worst Candidate of 2016’


Democratic Popular Vote – Primary
Clinton – 15,805,136 +3,775,437
Sanders – 12,029,699

Democratic Delegate Count –
Clinton – 2807 +913
Sanders – 1894

National Popular Vote –

Clinton – 65,844,594 +2,864,978
Trump – 62,979,616

So….let me get this straight.
She won the Democratic primary vote by 3,775,437………
She won the Democratic Delegate count by 913………
She won the National Popular vote by 2,864,978…….

And Chris Cillizza says SHE’S the worst possible candidate.

Maybe Chris Cillizza is just an idiot political pundit.

December 20, 2016 By Taegan Goddard

‘Chris Cillizza’:

“And yet, from the start, it was clear that Clinton’s appeal on paper didn’t match her appeal in the real world of political campaigning”.

“As a result, a primary that was expected to be a coronation turned into a long-lasting problem — exposing the lack of enthusiasm for Clinton, particularly among young voters.”

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